OHYEMO Launches Premium 2-in-1 LED Pool Volleyball & Basketball Game Set, Revolutionizing Poolside Fun

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OHYEMO Launches Premium 2-in-1 LED Pool Volleyball & Basketball Game Set, Revolutionizing Poolside Fun

OHYEMO, a leading innovator in premium pool goods, recently introduced its latest innovation – the 2-in-1 LED Pool Volleyball & Basketball Game Set. Designed to transform pool parties into unforgettable events, this game set combines state-of-the-art LED technology with the excitement of volleyball and basketball, all in one versatile package.

A Splash of Color and Fun

Boasting 16 million colors and over 210 light modes, the LED pool volleyball and basketball game set offers a personalized touch to your aquatic fun. Whether  hosting a lively pool party or enjoying a quiet evening swim, the adjustable 15ft volleyball net (maximum width of 25ft) and the poolside basketball hoop are designed to fit various inground pool shapes, ensuring a perfect fit for your backyard oasis.

Advanced Control Options

With the convenience of an app and remote control, managing your pool games has never been easier. The app allows seamless on/off control, brightness and speed adjustments, and timer settings. Explore a vast array of colors and modes to tailor the lighting to any occasion, creating an ambiance that resonates with every mood and moment.

Beat-Infused Light Show

Feel the rhythm with OHYEMO’s innovative Music & Mic Sync feature. The LED lights not only dance to your favorite tunes but also sync with the sounds of cheers and goals during poolside games. This feature turns your pool area into a captivating, beat-infused light show, enhancing the fun and excitement of every game.

Glow-in-the-Dark Pool Balls

Enhance your gameplay with OHYEMO’s unique LED pool balls. The set includes 2 LED basketballs and 2 LED volleyballs, each designed to emit a mesmerizing glow upon impact. These light-up balls add a new dimension to your pool games, making every dunk and spike an eye-catching spectacle.

Effortless Setup for Endless Fun

OHYEMO’s 2-in-1 game combo set is designed for quick and hassle-free installation. The stable bases prevent tilting, ensuring a safe and secure gaming environment. The shared base design allows you to effortlessly switch between volleyball and basketball, offering a dynamic and versatile aquatic experience that promises hours of fun for everyone.

Product Specifications

1. MSRP: $219.99

2. Pool Basketball Hoop Size: 30 x 20 x 40 inches

3. Pool Volleyball Net Size: 16 x 196 x 31 inches

4. Pool Basketball Hoop Weight: 18.01 pounds

5. Pool Volleyball Net Weight: 19.56 pounds

Key Features

1. 2 Games in 1: Seamlessly switch between volleyball and basketball.

2. App & Remote Control: Easy adjustments and customization.

3. Music & Mic Sync: Lights dance to music and sounds.

4. Impact-Activated LED Pool Balls: Glowing fun with every play.

5. Easy Setup: Quick installation for immediate play.

6. Day-to-Night Play: Enjoy fun in the sun and under the stars.

7. Transform your poolside into a vibrant hub of activity and fun with OHYEMO’s 2-in-1 LED Pool Volleyball & Basketball Game Set. Order now and make your summer unforgettable!

For more information, please visit OHYEMO’s website.


OHYEMO is a leading innovator in premium pool goods, dedicated to enhancing poolside experiences with high-quality, fun, and durable products. OHYEMO’s mission is to bring joy and excitement to every poolside gathering with innovative designs and exceptional customer service.

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