When No One Is Watching Standing for God in America – by Lynn S. Wogamon

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When No One Is Watching Standing for God in America – by Lynn S. Wogamon

When No One Is Watching Standing for God in America - by Lynn S. Wogamon
When No one is Watching
Kharis Publishing announces the release of “Standing for God in America” by Lynn S. Wogamon, a comprehensive coverage of the major challenges we face in our modern world.

We have seen in recent weeks two prominent men fall from grace in the public eye. We learned that newly- elected George Santos misrepresented many details about his past employment and business dealings. Many are calling for him to resign from the US House of Representatives. At the same time, television networks allowed us to watch the murder trial of a well-respected lawyer in South Carolina. We tuned in as Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of murdering his wife and son. He is also currently indicted for stealing from clients, money laundering, embezzlement, and a host of other charges. Are these two stories exceptional and rare? Or are they examples of what is becoming more common among leaders of today? Is integrity an old-fashioned, irrelevant concept or do we need to begin holding ourselves and our leaders to a higher standard?

Integrity has been defined as “doing the right thing when no one is watching.” It implies honesty and strong moral principles. The person who demonstrates integrity will say what he means and will do what he says. He will not change his actions and ideas based on who he is with, but will be consistent in all matters. Rick Warren describes it this way: “If you have no credibility, you have no trust. If you have no trust, you have no leadership. Where do leaders get that trust? All trust comes from integrity.”

While I could name many leaders who have demonstrated integrity in their business dealings, I will mention two: one, a business leader and the other, a world-class athlete. In 1970, Jon Huntsman, Sr. started a small chemical company with his brother. By 2000, Huntsman Corporation had become a $12 billion enterprise. In his book, Winners Never Cheat, Huntsman attributed his success to integrity. He wrote that the main difference between those who attain temporary success and those who have lasting success is character.2 In the world of sports, Andy Roddick has earned the respect of athletes and fans for his unwavering demonstration of integrity. This trait was displayed in May 2005 when a point was called in his favor, giving him the win. Knowing that the umpire had miscalled the shot, Roddick walked to the net and told the chair umpire about the mistake. The call was reversed and his opponent went on to win the match. Roddick’s action most likely cost him not only the tournament championship, but also tens of thousands of dollars.3

Do Americans care about integrity and character? Research proves that they do. Recent polling of more than 3700 adults across America found that more than three out of four adults (76%) want leaders who are honest, courageous, and hard-working.4 They also want public leaders who demonstrate integrity. Seventy-two percent of respondents said it is important to continually monitor and assess the integrity of leaders in order to restore and retain public trust in our system and its leaders. So let’s step back and take an honest look at ourselves. How do we rate on the integrity scale? Are we more interested in having a prosperous lifestyle or a positive influence? Do we make allowances for small deceptions and self-indulgences at the expense of others? Are we critical of those around us, yet unwilling to notice the same attitudes in ourselves? We must be willing to hold ourselves to the same standards we demand from our leaders.

In 1984, Bonnie Tyler had a hit song, “Holding Out for a Hero”. The song begins, “Where have all the good men gone?” Where are the heroes in our homes? Businesses? Government? In order for our country to be prosperous, we need more men and women who choose to live everyday with character and integrity. We also need to demand more from our chosen leaders. Let’s celebrate business leaders who demonstrate character in their business dealings. Let’s support political leaders who adopt a platform of integrity rather than blindly following a party platform. And let’s live our own lives with the character and integrity that will make us heroes for our family, community, and country- even when no one is watching!

About “Standing For God in America” by Lynn S. Wogamon

America is in crisis and we face many challenges, including racial unrest, immigration concerns, and political division, and many Christians are asking what they can do to make a difference in the midst of this confusion.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/RCQTMHVAFhE

Standing for God in America presents biblical answers to the issues affecting America today:

  • Without a clear understanding of God’s Word, we try to solve problems in our own wisdom, yet the Bible tells us man’s wisdom is foolishness.
  • To experience God’s blessings, we must arm ourselves with His truth and have a clear plan for how to effect change while representing Christ to others.
  • There are many ways Christians can become involved in their communities and across the nation to make an impact for God. 

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