Is Morality Locally Real? – Zebedee’s Calling by Joel Francis

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Is Morality Locally Real? – Zebedee’s Calling by Joel Francis

Is Morality Locally Real? - Zebedee's Calling by Joel Francis
Is Morality Locally Real?
Kharis Publishing announces the release of “Zebedee’s Calling” by Joel Francis, A rare, historically accurate fictional epic that is an inspiration for today’s youth.

Are you aware of this news? “The universe is not locally real.” The 2022 Nobel Prize winners in physics apparently proved this. What does it mean? Essentially, it means objects may affect each other faster than light can travel from one of those objects to another, even if those objects are light years apart. Hence, we cannot measure all the properties of an object based solely on its local surroundings. Assuming this is true, what can we learn from this?

Although we all have a conscience, we don’t all agree on properties of ethics and morality. Does this imply that there is nothing that is right or wrong? How much would one have to lie to oneself to convince oneself of that? If you don’t think anything is right or wrong, then why would you complain about injustice? If you don’t think anything is right or wrong, then how and why would you love someone?

How do we know what is right and what is wrong? Majority opinion? Science? As stated earlier, we cannot find the answer by just looking at things from our own perspectives. We clearly need Someone to tell us what is right and what is wrong, Someone who sees and knows everything. How do we know such a Being exists? Well, apart from seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting His creation, we also know about the existence of good and evil. If the universe was formed by random chance, then nothing matters; there is no good or evil.

Does this mean we need to ask God to reveal His laws to us, or has He already done so? If you seek the truth, you will find it.

You may be wondering: “Does it really matter? I am doing my best with what I know. Isn’t that good enough?”

Good enough for what?

If you committed an offense, you would probably still be punished, even if you did not know doing what you did was wrong when you did it, although your ignorance may affect your receiving a lighter punishment. And all your good deeds won’t stop you from facing the consequences for your actions. This proves that there is a strong universal law that just doesn’t measure things by balancing out good and evil. And this law is unequivocal across all nations and cultures. So, what is the solution to the evil in this world and the Way to joyful eternal life?

Ask around, google, do your research, and find the surprise that will give you joy!

About “Zebedee’s Calling” by Joel Francis

Zebedee’s Calling brings 11th-century England to life, with key battles and royal successions, as well as the efforts among a group of zealous Christians to have access to Scripture written in English. Along with revelations about rulers, military tactics and the Church, there also are descriptions of Anglo-Saxon society and daily life. Although this story is historical fiction, it parallels our time. The accounts of Christian leaders and martyrs who strove to make the Bible accessible to the people draw attention to the immeasurable value of Scripture, and how blessed we are to possess it today.

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