ZY EDU opens a new direction for scientific research and education in the post-epidemic era

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ZY EDU opens a new direction for scientific research and education in the post-epidemic era

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The swift expansion of online education has become a topic of widespread discussion amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a significant impact on traditional education. ZY EDU (ZhenYan Education Technology Co., Ltd, China; ZYsphere Inc. New York, United States) has made a significant contribution to this conversation by issuing the “Report on the Development of Online Scientific Research and Education in the Post-Epidemic Era” (DOI: https://doi.org/10.2991/978-2-38476-128-9_29). This paper was accepted and published by Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research, Atlantis Press (Part of Springer Nature). The leading author of this report, YIting Guo, was invited to present this research during the 2023 3rd International Conference on Modern Educational Technology and Social Sciences (ICMETSS 2023), which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The co-authors include Dr. Thomas Smith, JIayi Chen, Quan Zhang, and Mengyao Wen. 

This specific report analyzes the impact of the pandemic on the growth of online education, identifies present inadequacies in virtual instruction without bias, and puts forth inventive techniques and suggestions. ZY’s report exhibits a forward-thinking approach, innovative spirit, and astute understanding of the evolving education landscape. It delves into the influence of the pandemic on the growth trends of online research and education. The report highlights the significant contributions of popular online academic exchanges, the proliferation of cloud-based experimental course platforms, and the disruption to offline teaching in driving the online education growth. Additionally, it objectively assesses the limitations of current online teaching methods and offers suggestions and strategies to foster innovation in this field.


Moreover, the importance of improving the interactive aspects of online teaching and the development of practical skills is highlighted in the recently published paper. To address these challenges, this study suggests creating immersive virtual teaching environments, integrating online and offline resources, and establishing cloud-based tutor guidance mechanisms to promote overall progress in online education. Immersive virtual learning environments can provide students with a more realistic educational experience, while cloud-based tutoring facilitates natural and unimpeded communication between tutors and students. “The pandemic has created a chance to transform education,” said Yiting Guo, CEO of ZY Education China. “This report summarizes the extensive expertise accumulated in online education.” “We will innovate and develop online teaching products, offering students top-quality educational services that will steer the future of online education in the post-pandemic era. Despite the pandemic subsiding, ZY Education has established as a well-known worldwide brand in scientific research and education.” In the post-pandemic era, ZY maintains its commitment to educational innovation and endeavors to foster exceptional talent for China’s science and education industry.


As a world leading company in the science education industry, ZY strives for the seamless integration of science, technology, and education. To illustrate its dedication, ZY just released a report detailing its exceptional progress in this field. The report emphasizes ZY Education’s achievements in creating and releasing numerous online scientific research and educational products. These offerings have been designed to meet the needs of online learning students. ZY consistently aims to provide innovative solutions that promote effective learning in the digital age. Moving forward, ZY is committed to expanding the boundaries of the intersection between technology and education. The company endeavors to lead in online education reform and cultivate a culture of perpetual innovation in science and education. This commitment ensures that the flame of progress continues burning brightly.

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