New World Metaverse | New Opportunities in the Real Estate NFT

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New World Metaverse | New Opportunities in the Real Estate NFT


With the increasingly rapid social development and the increasingly fierce life stress of salaried persons, as well as the increasingly enhanced debt per capita, it is a target that everyone wants to create wealth. However, due to the epidemic in recent years, in many places, the factories and schools have been shut down, so that many people have no choice but to accept the reality of a sharp drop in income. Otherwise, in reality, the more your income is, the more confident you will feel. Therefore, more and more people have realized the importance of investment, while where can they invest? Since there are many complex products in the market, you may be dazzled or even worried about low returns and being cheated. Why do some people invest successfully, but when you follow, you may lose money? We have to mention that more opportunities depend on a broad horizon. 

With the increasingly famous blockchain technology, the LiveApp of blockchain is also common in most people’s lives, thus becoming a hot spot in global finance. Recently, a metaverse aggregating ecological platform based on the real estate NFT, which is initiated by the New World Blockchain Foundation (NWB Foundation for short) in America and the NP founding team in Dubai, will go globally. 

Clothing, food, shelter, use and transportation have always been inseparable in people’s lives, while the LiveApp of blockchain +real estate has integrated “shelter” into the process of Web3. The NEW WORLD team’s business model and verification efforts have been widely recognized over the past two years, completing two rounds of financing by American foundations and Dubai investors. According to investigation, the NEW WORLD team has invested millions of dollars into software development and improvement at present. What is more, the system has been perfect, which will be available to all the users worldwide in August 2022. 

It is known that NP’s fixed circulation will increase users’ wealth exponentially. Among this, 10% NP is used for circulation in the market, while the other 90% NP for compound interests, which will be immutable. At the same time, the NEW WORLD’s technical teams have also made a model of NP black hole destruction, so that all the participants globally can obtain wealth value from NP. In the casting process of the NEW WORLD NFT, users can also feel the value application when they participate in the NEW WORLD team construction. 


NEW WORLD has the following characteristics, including safety, fairness, value, efficiency and participation for everyone:

1 Safety

In NEW WORLD, users’ personal information is safe and their wallet address is the account entry, so there is no need for complex email, Tel, KYC, etc. You can be completely anonymous and safe. 

In NEW WORLD, what you earn will directly enter your wallet, instead of a digital display in the project background; thus, there is no risk that you will be damaged due to network closure and institutional reform. Since the smart contract is written on the chain, this project will be eternal and nobody will change the rules or close.

2 Fairness 

NEW WORLD’s economic model puts costs in proportion to benefits. The more you pay, the more you gain. At the same time, the fixed APY will also increase the participants’ wealth exponentially. The NEW WORLD NFT’s 8-round castings will let users gain high revenues. 

3 Value

NEW WORLD’s team will be increased rapidly. The fixed APY and circulation also make NP’s value property increase constantly; at the same time, NP’s multi-level black hole destructions will also improve NP’s values.

4 Efficiency

Through the DeFi+NFT core technology, NEW WORLD will promote the decentralization of the project, while achieving the value of NP and the NEW WORLD NFT. In this way, the value property will be deeply linked to all the users. You can reach the financial freedom in NEW WORLD. 

5 Participation for everyone 

NEW WORLD is available for everyone worldwide with no national boundaries. Everyone can participate in the construction of NEW WORLD. 

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