With Data as Core, Build New Ecosystem of Financial Management of Whole Value Chain

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With Data as Core, Build New Ecosystem of Financial Management of Whole Value Chain

(reporter: XIE Xiaohua)

Digital evolution of various industries is driven by the constant change of technology. In terms of the optimized operation model of business link, it is a critical problem for the financial management field that how back-end finance utilize digital technologies improve quality and efficiency to guide the operation and management of enterprises. YIN Yueqin, a pioneer in the financial management field in China, used the current technologies like big data, AI and RPA, developed a series of intelligent financial management systems. Thus, the comprehensive connection with data as the core element has been realized; a new ecosystem of financial management integrating all elements, all industry chains and all value chains has been built. Arguably, she has brought a major breakthrough to the digital intelligence transformation of the financial management industry.

As a senior financial management expert, YIN Yueqin has in-depth research on economics, statistics, information management, financial management and other fields. In her view, although the current corporate financial informatization has made great progress, there is still a lot of room for improvement; there are still many challenges in information refinement and digital “productivity”. In order to better empower these digital tools to empower financial management, YIN Yueqin has devoted herself to the development of a number of intelligent financial management systems, which has not only added prediction scenarios to financial management, but also improved the analysis accuracy. The rational allocation of resources has been realized through “magic” data analysis; the refined operation and business innovation of enterprises are effectively supported by financial analysis solutions throughout the whole industry chain, which has aroused great repercussions in the industry.

YIN Yueqin believes that the business model, market demand and control environment of today’s enterprises are changing rapidly, which requires financial management not only to keep up with the rhythm, but also to “pre-empt”: predict scenarios in advance, so as to gain more initiative for corporate decision-making. In view of this, YIN Yueqin independently developed the Corporate Business Decision-making System Based on Financial Data Analysis, which built a business budget function for financial management and control. The system can help business departments better plan business plans and resources through decision simulation and execution monitoring, so as to achieve the integration of long-term plans and short-term plans, business processes and financial results, and achieve excellent performance. Simultaneously, the system can continuously adjust the parameters to make the forecast scenario closer to the real scenario, analyze and build a budget model from multiple perspectives such as sales, profit, cost, cash flow, etc., split the budget implementation into business practices, and realize the reverse guidance of the business-driven budget model, so as to realize the integration of operations, grasp the decision-making initiative with “pre-emptive action”, and enable enterprises to cope with the fierce market competition. The system has been widely praised in the market application, creating huge economic and social benefits.

In response to the new situation, in addition to calmly responding to market adjustments, YIN Yueqin also requires the financial management system to have multi-perspective, multi-dimensional and multi-level analysis capabilities. In her view, the financial management system should not only analyze the financial situation from a financial perspective, but also have the thinking of integration of business and finance. It should look at finance from a business perspective and business from a financial perspective, and empower enterprise value creation with refined financial management. Under such a standard, the Financial Centralized Management System of the Integration of Industry and Finance came into being. By using advanced analysis technology to analyze huge-scale data, the system can make predictive judgments based on visual analysis and data mining results, and obtain data-driven business insights; meanwhile, it can use deep learning and AI to mine the internal characteristics and laws of the data in a quick and accurate manner, making accurate predictions according to the model, and carrying out continuous self-optimization. The system can flexibly combine data from multiple perspectives, find the hidden logical relationship between the data, help enterprises to gain insight into the potential needs of users, and discover market rules, so as to allocate resources rationally, and develop and innovate products and services that are more suitable for users and markets. The R&D, promotion and application of this system has promoted the continuous deepening of the integration of industry and finance, realized the value transformation of finance from focusing on records to assisting in discovering high-value products, high-value markets and high-value customers, helping the business departments of the enterprise that used it to better coordinate resources, thereby maximizing the overall value of the enterprise. And its market value and application prospects have been generally recognized and praised by industry insiders.

Some industry experts voiced that the biggest breakthrough of the intelligent financial management system developed by YIN Yueqin lies in its full-process system support, full-system automatic linking, full-information intelligent collection, and full-scene data insight. This logic algorithm and correlation mining not only breaks the bottleneck of digital transformation of financial management, but also reshapes the financial function. YIN Yueqin is taking her self-developed series of intelligent financial management systems into the technological “no man’s land”, leading the international financial management to a new pattern. Since then, finance will no longer be the processor and recorder of transactions, but also the the controller of enterprise risk and the supporter of business development, and more importantly, the creator of diversified value.

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