Entrepreneurs Revive Spirit Of ‘Black Wall Street’ in 270 Communities

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Entrepreneurs Revive Spirit Of ‘Black Wall Street’ in 270 Communities

Houston, TX – June 10, 2021 – The 40 Acre Plan brings a supportive, black wall street type community to Houston, Texas focusing on leveraging blockchain technology and providing equity to the underserved black and minority communities. The 40 Acre Plan is a collaboration between celebrities, government officials, influencers, corporations, investors, and local community leaders to create billions of dollars in equity for minorities across the country using money that is already allocated for corporate DEI, ESG, CSR programs, DEI/ESG investment funds, and local opportunity zone incentive grants in 270 cities.

In addition to tracked government and corporate commitments, radical collaboration, and energy-efficient technology, the 40 Acre Plan provides access to capital such as grants, government contracts, and low interest long-term business loans all on a secure digital platform.

“Supporting the black community and 40 Acre Plan doesn’t mean you have to be black. It just means you are willing to help,” said Allen Thornton, Founder and CEO of Money For Your Mission Inc. “One of the biggest problems with the black community today is that we don’t support each other or want to work with each other on large projects. Our minorities do not know how powerful we are if we ban together. Our ancestors are looking for us to take the torch and run with it.”

Inspired by events like 40 Acres and a Mule, Acres of Diamonds, the Underground Railroad, and Black Wall Street, the 40 Acre Plan aims to reduce the wealth gap and provide billions of dollars in equity and opportunity to black and brown communities across the United States.

Allen Thornton has been promoting his 40 Acre Plan in Tulsa, at the original black wall street, and gained significant traction with celebrities, local community leaders, civil rights leaders, government officials, and descendants of the original black wall street. Additionally, Allen met with a few of the original survivors of the 1921 massacre at the 100 year anniversary; they are 103, 105 and 107!  The 40 acre plan will donate a percentage of all nationwide profits to the original  black wall street survivors and descendants  in an effort to rebuild the overall community on its original grounds.

Join the 40 Acre Plan in your local community and get access to the platform, executive breakfasts, power lunches, vision nights, and quarterly community  progress updates for as little as $10 a month.

About 40 Acre Plan:

40 Acre Plan is a technology platform with a human touch helping Corporations, Government Officials, Celebrities, Investors, and Influencers deploy capital to a meaningful cause for local CSR/DEI/ESG initiatives and increase revenue at the same time. This will reduce the wealth gap and provide billions of dollars in equity and opportunity to black and brown communities.

For more information and to download a free guide, visit www.40acreplan.com

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