X-COPS – Traffic Ticket Fighters are on Guard of Driving Freedom in Ontario

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X-COPS – Traffic Ticket Fighters are on Guard of Driving Freedom in Ontario

X-COPS represents a group of specialized paralegals and lawyers with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the traffic tickets and driving violations industry.

Driving violations might become a real struggle, even a nightmare for any Canadian during these tough times of COVID-19 spread. Unpredictable consequences of seemingly harmless road situations may bring serious burdens (physically, emotionally, or even financially). Many people are not even aware of the severe outcomes that entail receiving at least one ticket in Canada. For example, the amount shown on the ticket is not all the money people have to pay. The insurance rates may go up as well. That’s why situational awareness is the first aid and a bare minimum that every person should have in her life toolkit. 

Traffic rules have been violated by each of us at least once. Bad weather, poor road conditions due to various reasons, even small distractions can result in unpredictable and undesired events. The majority of people who get pulled over by a police officer for a certain driving violation, experience a strong desire to solve the problem in the most established or easiest manner, often as soon as possible. This frequently results in people paying their traffic tickets and receiving unnecessary demerit points and as a result increased insurance premiums. It might look like a quick win on the surface, but in reality, it’s not. In most cases, people should fight their traffic tickets in court because of several reasons.

Firstly, because the police officer’s decision to charge a person with tickets might not always be correct and can be challenged depending on the circumstances. 

Secondly, by actually fighting the ticket, a person stands a chance to get rid of unwanted demerit points on a driving record, avoid huge fines and more serious consequences like vehicle seizure or driver’s licence suspension.

X-COPS is a small team of professionals focused solely on providing legal assistance to clients that have issues of any difficulty with the following traffic ticket categories.

• Speeding tickets

Probably the most “popular” ticket category of the last few years. A lot of Canadians struggle with various kinds of speeding. Depending on the rate of speed and related nuances, all the tickets have demerit points that will negatively influence insurance.

• Careless driving tickets

It will be challenging for one to convince in court that they were able to adequately assess the situation on the road without qualified support from the paralegals.

• Stunt driving tickets

Popular among many modern and young drivers. Solid experience in dealing with this ticket type is of paramount importance.

• Driving without insurance or driving license tickets

What could be worse than driving without a driver’s licence? However, with professional help, any driver will have a chance to mitigate the punishment.

• Failing to move over for emergency vehicle tickets

When a person sees a car approaching with flashing blue or red lights or hear a siren (and maybe all at once), she should move to the right side of the road or as far to the right as possible and stop. If a person is caught at an intersection, he must cross it and stop immediately. However, there are always exceptions to the rules, and it is crucial to convey opinions and arguments correctly in court.

• Unbuckled seat belt tickets

People need to be fastened all the time while driving. If one is fined for this violation, it is not a fact that one will have to pay it. Call X-COPS first.

More details about how to fight driving with a suspended license Ontario or stunt driving charge Ontario can be found on the website – x-cops.ca. The best way to connect with a traffic ticket lawyer in Toronto for a free consultation – just to use the telephone number mentioned on the home page.

Customer service quality

For X-COPS, the quality of customer service is of paramount importance. And this is not a typical populist phrase. The company really dedicates enough time to each client and provides them with all available options related to their case. Moreover, communication with each paralegal is always done through personal numbers that enable paralegals to be reachable even after-hours. 

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