Imbue to Offer Social Media Fitness Influencers Way to Monetize Content Amid Pandemic Economic Woes

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Imbue to Offer Social Media Fitness Influencers Way to Monetize Content Amid Pandemic Economic Woes

Young and innovative company also enables audiences to get a more personal interaction with influencers they love.

It’s been over a year now since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the globe, causing serious financial havoc to people of all walks of life, including social media influencers. Though one may think that the whopping surge in social media popularity during this pandemic has greatly benefited influencers, some, particularly fitness trainers and models, also felt the pressure of the financial meltdown. This is because most fitness influencers on social media earn their income from brand deals. But with the decline in sales and profits, many brands have had to cut sponsorship budgets as well. Imbue, an innovative company, comes to the rescue by offering fitness influencers a channel to monetize their fitness content.

Fitness influencers of all sorts – olympic and pro athletes, former athletes, coaches and trainers, gym instructors – are welcome, all they have to do is apply through the app. Influencers can create and schedule classes anywhere, anytime – all they need is just a phone and Internet connection. The app also connects to their bank accounts for immediate payouts.

For the audiences, this is also a great way to get up close and personal with their favorite influencers when they enroll in class that imbues them to live a better life. It aloes

About Imbue Fitness

Imbue is a mobile app-based company founded by adventurer and creative marketer Alex Carrabre that connects social media audiences with their favorite fitness influencers through online fitness classes.

For more information, go to Download our app on the Google Play or App Store.

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