Louisiana entrepreneur Bret Buseick named 2021’s Entrepreneur To Keep An Eye On by Los Angeles Tribute for outstanding growth even in the pandemic era

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Louisiana entrepreneur Bret Buseick named 2021’s Entrepreneur To Keep An Eye On by Los Angeles Tribute for outstanding growth even in the pandemic era

After his immense success with his online apparel print-on-demand store even amid the pandemic last year, Bret Buseick is now offering aspiring entrepreneurs his tested and proven coaching to succeed in the ecommerce business.

Shreveport, Louisiana – Apr 1, 2021 – The COVID-19 menace has not dealt a heavy blow to the overall health scenario but to many other sectors of life as well, including business and economy. A fair share of businesses all across the world has been forced to shut down or downsize. But, amid such mayhem, a few dynamic entrepreneurs have still managed to scale up their business to new heights. One of them is Louisiana-based Bret Buseick who has recently been awarded with the prestigious 2021’s Entrepreneur To Keep An Eye On Award by Los Angeles Tribute for awe-inspiring growth of his print-on-demand business even amid COVID-19 nuisance.

A man of many parts, Bret Buseick is a leading entrepreneur, ecommerce consultant, fitness expert, coach, consultant and also a single father. Post his recent felicitation by the esteemed Los Angeles Tribune, Buseick has gained over 40,000 followers in social media in less than 45 days through his advanced promotional campaigns. Not only that, in the last 30 days, he has also commanded massive press coverage from leading media outlets across the nation and has even scaled up his Ecommerce Coaching Program.

Coming from a bloodline of entrepreneurs, the spirit of entrepreneurship had always been in Bret since the beginning. He began his entrepreneurial journey with his highly successful family-owned printing business LePressCo Printing Inc. Together with his brother Brad, Bret assisted his parents to achieve further scalability with the printing business in just a few years. Once the business reached a sustainable level, Bret ventured out to start his own fitness center which he later sold to one of his clients against a handsome deal.

Cut to the 2020 COVID-19 era, Bret resumed his role in the family printing business and focused on building a print on demand sector within the company for apparel products. He had a steady start and was able to bring in high level B2B clients on the table in the initial months. But, as the COVID menace hit hard, akin to many businesses around, Bret started struggling to maintain his clients. The struggle was tough but thankfully it was at that point he chanced upon the world of e-commerce.

And that was a major turning point in his life.

Once he discovered the potential of the world of Shopify, he started to research and educate himself on the nuances of the space. But, soon he realized that his Shopify store would not be able to reach his target audience if he doesn’t take the help of social media marketing, especially Facebook Ads. And thus, he devoted himself to learning the world of Facebook Ads as well which eventually led him to launch winning campaigns over the course of time. In his words, the process was gruesome but was rewarding at the end of the day.

Riding on the success of his Facebook Ad campaigns, Bret eventually synchronized the T-Shirt designs, Facebook ads, and Print on Demand portion of the operation, resulting in a booming online store. In just 4 months, Bret found himself hiring as many as 40 additional staff to power up his fast rising online apparel store.

Based on his immense success in the ecommerce world despite the destructive claws of COVID-19 around, Bret is now committed to guide aspiring entrepreneurs live a life of financial freedom. But being a self-learner, he knows about the trials and errors one might have to go through to learn the process and that could be both financially and emotionally draining. Thus, he wishes to extend his own tried and proven strategies that would guide new entrepreneurs to learn about the most potential marketing strategies for successful ecommerce business- yet eliminating the  risk and mistakes people could make by attempting this process on their own.

“You can easily drain your bank account running ads on Facebook if you’re not aware of what you’re doing or who you’re targeting. I don’t want people to waste their money and lose motivation. Some so many people want to quit their 9-5 jobs but don’t know-how. Some so many people want to work from home or travel the world and still generate an income to survive. This is the reason I’m doing what I’m doing with my coaching program. I’m going to set my clients up for success on the very first day we begin. I’m going to share the secrets, knowledge, and know-how to discover the right marketing plan for their business to succeed”, explained Bret.

Dubbed as the “Godfather of Shopify”, Bret is determined to help fellow entrepreneurs attain financial freedom with his Shopify coaching. 

For more information, please visit https://thelosangelestribune.com/2021/02/07/bret-buseick-2021s-entrepreneur-to-keep-an-eye-on/

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