The Best Thanksgiving: Step-by-Step Cooking and Planning Guide for the Feast

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The Best Thanksgiving: Step-by-Step Cooking and Planning Guide for the Feast

Austin, TX, USA – October 19, 2020 – WyzeTribe client, Maribel Rivero, is cooking up a storm in the kitchen…and on the web. Her course, Mastering the Perfect Turkey Gravy, is available for free on October 22, 2020, at 5:00pm and again at 8:00pm Central Time. Interest students can sign up at

In addition to the turkey gravy course, Rivero will also be discussing how to prepare for and create a delicious Thanksgiving meal. “If you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook or you just want to know how you can cook the perfect feast, what better way to kick off than with a free class you can enjoy from your own kitchen,” says WyzeTribe owner Melanie McSally. “Maribel is an amazing woman that is fun, engaging, and an expert chef that is going to walk you step-by-step through the whole process.”

Rivero specializes in helping others to level up their cooking repertoire via live virtual classes. This is done by cooking together and getting real-time feedback. For those ready to learn the basics of the kitchen from a chef, then the Essentials Package is the best route. This package is the foundation from which one can become a confident, organized, and enthusiastic cook. For those who would like to create a customized class featuring a diverse menu that caters to their personal taste, the Personal Cooking Program is a great option.

Start cooking with Chef Maribel at

“Cooking to me is about sharing life experiences and traditions with food. I’m motivated by the stories behind cooking and expressing that story into the flavor of the food,” says Rivero. “In 2017, my brother and I created Yuyo Peruano restaurant as a celebration of my culinary immersion throughout South America, where I connected with the people and the culinary community from Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay. I was recognized by the James Beard Foundation with the Best Chef nomination in 2019.”

“At WyzeTribe, it is our mission to ensure everyone has the right technology package to achieve their personal and professional goals,” says McSally. “We start with understanding your goals, then we dive into your current setup, and finally, we work collaboratively with you to build or buy the right technology package for your goals and within your budget. That’s exactly what we did with Maribel, and she gets to stay in the kitchen, where she likes to be.”

About Melanie McSally

Melanie McSally is one of the country’s leading authorities on streamlining businesses to maximize profits. She graduated top of her class in engineering school and in her Master of Engineering Management program and holds several certifications, including a Lean 6-Sigma Black Belt. She has helped top institutions transform teams and revamp processes. She’s written and delivered courses for top institutions like Harvard University and now runs her own business and speaks worldwide. Her company, WyzeTribe, teaches entrepreneurs how to optimize their business, maximize their profits, and automate their success. From capturing leads to converting leads into paying clients and automating follow-up, WyzeTribe capitalizes on automation to ensure you’re always prepared for success. to learn more.

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