Tencent Released the Report of 5g Ecological Plan while WIMI Is Focusing on AR + AI Modular Splicing Scene

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Tencent Released the Report of 5g Ecological Plan while WIMI Is Focusing on AR + AI Modular Splicing Scene

Tencent released the report card of 5g ecological plan, the first 45 5g partners have officially joined, covering 12 5g scenarios, including multimedia content, audio and video technology, virtual or augmented reality, transportation and travel, industrial Internet, people’s livelihood, energy management, urban management, intelligent interaction, intelligent IOT, future network, communication perception, etc.

Among the first batch of 5g innovation partners, there are not only leading enterprises in mobile communication, Boshi automation and other industries, but also leading innovation enterprises such as Zhuoyi technology, versa macaron, Zhuoshi Zhitong, Guangjian technology, ruiyue information, Ti media, TIMI robot, Jingwei vision, feiang innovation, Taipingyang future technology, Xingge Zhixing, radium intelligence, Huasheng medical and so on. As an important part of Tencent’s 5g open ecology, Tencent’s 5g ecological plan will continue to seek 5g innovative companies with mature product technology, scenarios and commercial expansion.


Tencent’s 5g ecological plan was officially launched. It plans to explore and land 5g new technology, new content and new scene together with 5g innovation partners. It is understood that Tencent’s 5g ecological plan will rely on Tencent’s 5g and technology, product capabilities, Tencent’s rich multimedia content and application scenarios, cooperate with operators, terminal equipment manufacturers, upstream chip manufacturers, innovation companies and other partners, create and integrate mature 5g technology and industry solutions for industry applications, and connect internal and external 5g capabilities with applications.

Tencent 5g ecological plan will integrate Tencent AI Lab and Robotics 10. The products, networks and technical capabilities of the six 5g Technology Labs, including audio and video lab, future network lab, network platform department and Tencent start cloud game platform, are supported by “Zhongtai”, which is jointly composed of four 5g licensees, terminal manufacturers and communication, radio and television chip manufacturers in China. Through technical capabilities, user traffic, channel resources, brand capital, etc., they are linked External technical capabilities and resources, cooperate with 5g innovation partners to explore new applications, new content and new scenarios. At the same time, Tencent 5g ecological plan will work together with Tencent 5g urban plan to jointly create exclusive urban characteristic 5g application with government resources and operation resources.

Microsoft, apple, Google and other giants are scrambling to add code to the AR / VR market. According to the data, domestic and foreign manufacturers are expected to release more than 10 new AR products throughout the year, Samsung and Huawei have disclosed the release of VR products, and the performance of new products has been greatly improved. The ultra-high reliable and low delay communication of 5g communication technology is expected to solve the short board of VR / AR development. 5g + cloud will open the VR / AR scene and continuously release the industry vitality.

VR / AR is the product of the integration of the new generation of information technology. Because of the factors of bandwidth and delay, the past VR / AR products can lead to some pain points such as insufficient rendering ability, weak interactive experience and poor terminal mobility, which has been the biggest short board to curb the development of the industry. High quality VR / AR services have very high requirements for bandwidth and delay. For example, for VR, to achieve a very good user experience, the required bandwidth should be more than 1000Mbps, and the delay should be less than 2ms. For AR, to achieve a good user experience, it also needs a delay of more than 200Mbps and less than 5ms, which is impossible to achieve in the 4G era, only 5g can meet the requirements Such high-speed transmission capacity.

After 5g landing, the first scenario application will accelerate the development of VR / AR, and the growth rate of China’s market will be higher than that of the world. Therefore, under the support of 5g, the communication transmission short board of immersive game scenes such as VR / AR will be made up, and it is expected that VR / AR Business of immersive games will accelerate. According to the research of China Academy of information and communication, the scale of global virtual reality industry is close to 100 billion yuan, and the annual compound growth rate is expected to exceed 70% in 2017-2022. According to greenlight, the scale of global virtual reality industry will exceed 200 billion yuan in 2020, including 160 billion yuan in VR market and 45 billion yuan in AR market. In addition, for China’s market, according to the latest IDC global augmented and virtual reality expenditure guide, by 2023, China’s AR / VR market expenditure will reach US $65.21 billion, a significant increase from the forecast in 2019 (US $6.53 billion). Meanwhile, the CAGR of 2018-2023 will reach 84.6%, higher than the 78.3% growth rate of the global market.

Therefore, after the issuance of 5g license plate, the biggest application of the first stage scenario is VR / AR industry, which is a trillion level industry. After the technological innovation of AR micro display, optical and perception interaction plates in the industrial chain companies, the manufacturers began to actively layout the AR mass production capacity. As an important part of 5g, holographic AR technology will be concerned.

Holography is a technique of recording and reproducing the real three-dimensional image of an object by using the principles of interference and diffraction. The first step is to use the interference principle to record the light wave information of the object, which is the shooting process: the object is radiated by the laser to form a diffuse object beam; the other part of the laser beam is used as a reference beam to shoot on the hologram, which overlaps with the object beam to produce interference, and transforms the phase and amplitude of each point on the object light wave into the varying intensity in space, so as to make use of the inverse between the interference fringes Difference and interval record all the information of light wave. The negative film recording the interference fringes becomes a hologram, or hologram, after processing programs such as developing and fixing. The second step is to reproduce the light wave information of the object by the diffraction principle, which is the imaging process: the hologram is like a complex grating. Under the irradiation of coherent laser, the diffraction light wave of a linearly recorded sine hologram can generally give two images, That is, the original image (also known as the initial image) and the conjugate image. The reconstructed image has strong stereoscopic sense and real visual effect. Each part of the hologram records the light information of each point on the object, so in principle, each part of the hologram can reproduce the whole image of the original object, and multiple different images can be recorded on the same negative film through multiple exposures, and can be displayed separately without interference.

In our life, we can often see the application of holography. For example, on some credit cards and paper money, there are rainbow holograms on polyester soft film made by using the full-color holographic image technology invented by Russian physicist Yuri Denisov in the 1960s. But these holograms are only used as a complex printing technology to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. Their sensitivity is low, and their color is not realistic enough, far from the realm of chaos. The researchers also tried using dichromate gel as a photosensitive emulsion to make holographic recognition devices. Some fighters are equipped with such devices, which enable the pilot to focus on the enemy. Some precious cultural relics can be photographed with this technology. When they are displayed, they can be truly reproduced in three dimensions for the visitors to enjoy. The original objects are properly preserved to prevent theft. Large holograms can display cars, satellites and various three-dimensional advertisements, as well as the portraits of people and wedding photos with pulse holography. Small holograms can be worn on the neck to form beautiful decorations, which can reproduce people’s favorite animals, colorful flowers and butterflies. The rapid development of the molded rainbow hologram can not only be used as a vivid cartoon, greeting card, three-dimensional stamp, but also as an anti-counterfeiting mark on trademarks, certificate cards, bank credit cards and even banknotes. The three-dimensional holograms decorated in books, as well as the holographic rainbow shining on the gift packaging, make people realize the new leap of printing technology and packaging technology in the 21st century. Because of its three-dimensional sense of hierarchy, the rainbow effect changing with the viewing angle, the ever-changing anti-counterfeiting mark and the close combination with other high-tech anti-counterfeiting means, the anti-counterfeiting technology in the new century has been pushed to a new brilliant peak.

With the change of 5g holographic communication network bandwidth conditions, the 5g holographic application market will usher in an explosion. High-end applications such as holographic interactive entertainment, holographic conference and holographic conference will be gradually popularized to holographic social, holographic communication, holographic navigation and holographic home application. WIMI Hologram Cloud (Nasdaq:WIMI) plans to support holographic cloud platform service and 5g communication holographic application with multiple innovative systems based on holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face changing technology.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (Nasdaq:WIMI) covers multiple links of all information AR technology, including holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising, holographic arsdk payment, 5g holographic communication software development, holographic face recognition development, holographic AI face change development, etc., with one-stop service ability. At present, it has grown into one of the leading providers of holographic cloud integrated technology solutions in China.

As a leading AI vision technology company, WIMI Hologram Cloud (Nasdaq:WIMI) focuses on computer vision holographic cloud services. WIMI Hologram Cloud (Nasdaq:WIMI) is committed to providing value-added services for the content of the entertainment industry based on visual technology, building a large entertainment image ecology from the four aspects of “technology”, “data”, “marketing” and “layout”, enabling the content industry with artificial intelligence technology, promoting the value-added of the whole industry chain of the entertainment industry, and giving the industry new vitality.

Compared with the domestic counterparts, WIMI Hologram Cloud (Nasdaq:WIMI) has established a comprehensive holographic AR content library. The format of holographic AR content covers from 3D model to holographic short video. As of December 31, 2018, it has 4654 ready to use AR holographic content, which can be used in micro beauty’s holographic AR products and solutions, covering a wide range of categories, including animals, cartoon characters, vehicles and food. Among them, 2961 are used for educational scenes, 851 for tourism, 739 for art and entertainment, and 103 for popular science. In addition, WIMI’s content library is enriched by copyrighted content licensed from third parties. WIMI cooperates with various content owners, including brand owners, film producers and talent agents, to transform high-quality IP into AR form.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (Nasdaq:WIMI) has diversified the scenes of holographic theater and holographic theater, which are suitable for holographic theater, holographic theater, holographic transformation of shadow / theater, holographic film production and distribution, star holographic performance, holographic virtual Star IP operation, holographic theater dance, etc.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (Nasdaq:WIMI)’s leading holographic AR content making function is built around image acquisition, object recognition, automatic image processing and computer vision technology. WIMI’s software engineering team and visual design team work closely to continuously promote these visualization related technologies, and use them to design and produce innovative holographic AR content. By providing a real-time computer vision algorithm for accurate attitude estimation, scene recognition and tracking can be performed in a few seconds. This cutting-edge algorithm also allows WIMI to perform pixel based visualization of photo level real high-resolution rendering. Frost & Sullivan said that although most of the peer companies may identify and capture 40 to 50 image data within a specific space unit, the number of data blocks that can be collected by WIMI can reach 500 to 550; the image processing speed of WIMI is 80% faster than the industry average, thus improving the operation efficiency. In the process of scene reconstruction, Mimi’s automatic image processing tool can remove the noise and enhance the features of the original images, so as to create the best holographic AR design with industry-leading simulation.

The holographic cloud service will be deeply combined with 5g. Under the cooperation of 5g high speed and low delay, the transmission delay of remote communication and data transmission from the system terminal to the service server is about 6ms on average, which is far less than the transmission delay of 4G network, which guarantees the remote communication and data transmission of the holographic AR without jam and low delay, and the multi terminal collaboration in different places, and the richness and diversity of time interaction. It makes the end cloud collaboration more efficient. Enhanced mobile broadband (embB) and Internet of things (IOT) applications make the holographic AR advertising business and holographic AR entertainment business of micro beauty holographic cloud, as well as holographic interactive entertainment, holographic conference, holographic social, holographic communication, holographic home holography, etc., all of which will effectively increase the core technologies based on 5g + AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face change technology.

In recent years, with the continuous progress of projection technology, 3D technology has made a significant breakthrough. 3D holographic projection has been realized in real life, and its application in the world is rapidly hot, and it is widely used in many fields of various industries. With the gradual maturity of naked eye 3D and holographic technology, the game, film and television, science and technology, performance, culture and tourism will usher in a new era of change.

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