Australian EAORON has invented a kind of NMN Youth Mask that can improve skin problems from the genetic perspective

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Australian EAORON has invented a kind of NMN Youth Mask that can improve skin problems from the genetic perspective

At present, with the continuous development of Gene Science, a “super species” with magical power has also emerged in mask and skincare field. Recently, EAORON, the largest skincare brand in Australia, officially released its first NMN Youth Mask worldwide. The advanced gene cultivation technology is used to reconstruct and repair skin cells, which can improve skin and rejuvenate new muscles in 30 minutes.

According to the reporter, NMN Youth Mask was developed by Australian largest skin care brand EAORON and New Zealand Gene Research Center for several years. The mask perfectly integrates top biotechnology and beauty skin technology. It can transform gene from the cell level and reproduce the good skin.

Dr. Oscar, AORON R & D Team introduced: ”NAD+ is a gene factor responsible for cell repair in the body. The secretion of NAD+ decreases sharply with the increase of age, which is the essential reason of skin aging. As the precursor of NAD+, NMN can rapidly supplement the content of NAD+ in cells, so as to rejuvenate the cell regeneration function, and improve problems such as dark-yellow and rough skin, fine wrinkles deepening, flabby prolapse skin.”

Dr Oscar said: “NMN Youth Mask is the world’s first genetic anti-aging mask. In order to fundamentally solve skin problems and maintain lasting effect, EAORON has injected gene repair technology into the mask cloth and essence. The mask cloth made mainly of nucleic acid, protein and natural plants can deliver NMN substance to skin cells, then NMN substance can be rapidly transformed into NDA + factor to maintain gene vitality, so as to rejuvenate and optimize skin biological system. The essence also contains the HIGHLY-REPOWER essence, specially developed by EAORON, which has super skin regeneration function and rich in EAORON water and light technology ingredients, young protein, HIR living cell essence, leucojum aestivum and other anti-aging ingredients.”

Recently, a small number of NMN Youth Masks have been launched in major pharmacies in Australia, attracting a large number of new and old EAORON fans. The masks were snapped up in just two weeks, allowing tens of thousands of EAORON customers to experience the magic effect of the “Black Tech” genetic mask.

Ariana, a 33 year old journalist who is troubled by the deepening nasolabial fold and sagging facial muscles, said:“My skin is more than three years older than my peers due to my day and night writing and excessive working hours. I am amazed by the effect of NMN Youth Mask. It can make my skin moist, elastic, and smooth skin pores and wrinkles, just like changing the gene of sensitive skin, making it very strong and confident.”

“Mask cloth is super thin and very comfortable. I have never experienced a mask that can be so comfortable on my face,” said by Cathy, a 25 year old freelancer, whose daily work was so crowded with her time that there was no time to protect her skin. “It is convenient and efficient that only one pieces of NMN Youth Mask can finish the deep purification and repair of the skin. I sincerely recommend this mask to girls who do not have enough rest time.”

According to the statistics of EAORON’s Aftersales Department, 99.1% of the surveyed consumers gave high praise to NMN youth mask and expressed a strong intention to repurchase.

“Through the NMN Youth Mask, EAORON has once again showed its strong R&D and innovation capability. This genetic technology mask with epoch-making significance may soon break the existing market structure and lead mask products into the era of anti-aging,” analyzed by insiders.

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