How Fix-It Right Plumbing is handling the Covid-19 crisis

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How Fix-It Right Plumbing is handling the Covid-19 crisis

How Fix-It Right Plumbing is handling the Covid-19 crisis
The world has been thrust into a state of pandemic over the past few months and the entire world has been affected. No business or person is not affected.

We have seen the collapse of entire industries literally overnight. Cafes, Pubs, Nightclubs and the entire entertainment industry has been shut down over night. Tourism has come to a standstill and this has had dire effects on the people and the businesses in these industries. Even if you are not directly involved in these industries you will no doubt be feeling the effects. If you are a supplier to these industries, Cleaners, trades people, food supplier you are all affected.

Closer to home, the industries that have had increased sales and activity are based around home improvement. Bunnings, heater distributors and similar home improvement outlets are all recording a huge increase in sales. Home gym sales are at an all-time high.

The current challenges to businesses

How does a business that is less relevant in the current climate make it through to the other side of this pandemic and how to they keep their people employed so they are ready to go when everything returns to normal? 

Businesses that were highly leveraged or were heavily cashflow dependant will be feeling impacts almost instantly. Businesses with less leverage and a positive cashflow model and a good solid balance sheet will be much better placed to ride out the storm even if they are in heavily affected industries.

Things that businesses can do to help them through this include:

Defensive measures

  • Shorten your accounts receivable
  • Strip out your budget of unnecessary items (bare bones only)
  • Stand unnecessary employees down 
  • Talk to your suppliers and negotiate longer terms
  • Call your banks and defer loan payments 

Offensive measures

  • Has this crisis opened up new markets for your product or service?
  • Update your safe working practices 
  • Update your website to communicate the current crisis and how you are handling it
  • Connect with large customers and build stronger relationships with them
  • Create new products that have new meaning in the new market
  • Brainstorm new delivery methods that meet current restrictions

How we have changed the way we work

At Fix-it Right Plumbing, plumber Melbourne, we have changed the way we work in the field as well as our communication methods and workplace practices to reduce the amount of physical contact we have with each other. 

We have reduced the amount of people we have in the factory to restock every morning. This has been a big change as our plumbers use this time usually to connect with each other talk about different jobs while they are going about their duties. We have had to find other ways to connect and by utilising our existing Slack channels we have been able to not only continue to maintain our relationships with each other but actually enhance them.

We have had an already high standard of cleanliness before the crisis, but this has been an area we have worked even further on. Sanitising our jet machines and cameras after each use has been a task, we have had in place for quite some time but now we are going further. Wiping down of high use things inside the factory and on the vans has been one area we have ramped up cleanliness. Door handles on the vans and even the steering wheel and sun visors have been increased. At the factory, door handles and cupboards have also been sanitised regularly to ensure the most frequently used surfaces are germ free.

What this means for our customers

We have improved our measure when in customer’s homes as well.

We ask that the customer stand at least 2m away from us at all times and that they keep pets and children away from us while we are in their home, for their benefit and ours. We are now standing 2m away from the front door when starting a service call and we are sms’ing all customer price lists through to their own phone, so we minimise the physical contact we have with them. This means that our customers view their price list on their own phone instead of our iPad or phone. 

What this means for our employees

Our employees have had to increase their awareness while onsite with our customers. They are no longer shaking hands during a greeting and are taking the social distancing measures very seriously. They are also making more effort to work in one area and reduce the amount of moving around the home to a minimum. This helps to keep the customers home as clean as possible but also allows the plumber Melbourne to clean the area once he is done. 

The future for us

While the Covid-19 pandemic has presented a challenge for us here at Fix-it Right Plumbing, we have embraced it and have seen it as an opportunity to show case our forward-thinking culture. We can take the things we learn in these difficult times and apply them to the way we do things going forward on a permanent basis even when the pandemic is over.

We look forward to working with our customers to provide a safe environment so we can still deliver our services to the community.

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