Hidden Costs For Homeowners With Septic Systems

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Hidden Costs For Homeowners With Septic Systems

Hidden Costs For Homeowners With Septic Systems

Dan Wilson, President of Wilson Services
Dan Wilson wants to shed light on the significance of septic systems and home sales.

by Jim Kedge

SPARTA, NJ – Society spends a lot of time and money so they don’t have to think about managing their personal waste. Community sewer systems and Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems (septic systems) all work hard to dispose of that daily waste. For many New Jersey homeowners,  however, their waste is an issue that is up front and center in their lives.

In New Jersey, homes are either serviced by a sewer system or a septic system and this is important to know when it comes to your comforts and conveniences. Septic systems are a simple and effective way to treat household wastewater. A properly functioning septic system performs the important function of removing the waste from the water before transferring it back into the ground. The septic tank retains most of the waste, and the leach field (or absorption component) completes the removal of waste and contaminates. Proper maintenance of the septic system requires regular pumping of the septic tank on a predetermined schedule, as well as annual inspection and maintenance on all the other components of the system.

Dan Wilson, of Wilson Services in Sussex County, New Jersey, explained to us the different issues that can come with septic systems and the major costs that pile up for homeowners. “If people don’t know how to take care of their septic tanks, problems can escalate quickly,” says Wilson. “If someone has a septic system, they are totally responsible for the operation and upkeep of that system and should act differently than those whose homes are attached to a sewer system,” explains Wilson, “and homeowners need to be mindful of this with their daily water usage, as well as what they flush down the toilet.” One of the ways homeowners can make changes is by installing low-flow toilets and water-efficient appliances. It’s always important to remind people septic systems are designed to dispose of human waste, water and toilet paper, so a homeowner has to be careful not to allow items into the septic system that do not break down, i.e., wipes, diapers, personal hygiene products, cooking oils or grease of any kind.

“The septic system is one of the most expensive components in any house – more than replacing a roof,” explains Wilson. “If things go wrong, it can be a huge expense.” Septic repairs can cost a few thousand dollars while a new system is upwards of thirty thousand dollars. “When you buy your vehicle, you make sure to change the oil, keep it clean, tuned up, and running as efficiently as possible,” says Wilson. “We have to do the same with a septic system.”

If you’re considering selling your home, every home that has a septic system requires an inspection of that system and it could make or break the deal for a homeowner. “Proper maintenance of your septic system is more than just pumping the septic tank,” says Wilson. Your septic is a huge asset you need to protect. “If this hits home with you, then you probably should consider the Wilson Shield,” says Dan Wilson – it not only keeps you on track with a regular maintenance schedule, but it will maximize the life span of your septic system.

“If someone is concerned about their septic system, they should call a local expert to take a look,” Wilson says. An expert can show you what to look for if your system is at a potential risk for failing.

You can learn more about your home septic system by visiting WILSON SERVICES and booking a call.

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