Minority-owned Cosmetics Line Lulu’s Holistics Rediscovers Beauty That Is Beyond Skin Deep

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Minority-owned Cosmetics Line Lulu’s Holistics Rediscovers Beauty That Is Beyond Skin Deep

Minority-owned Cosmetics Line Lulu’s Holistics Rediscovers Beauty That Is Beyond Skin Deep
This organic and all-natural beauty brand comes from a deep respect of nature and holistic living

The topic of beauty and aging is something that is present in most conversations, offline and online. Today, technology and innovation allows various and diverse brands to come up with the latest products to make your hair longer, skin plumper, and to minimize, decrease or even eliminate the signs of aging. Lulu’s Holistics is on a mission to pivot that conversation and interject holistic products into people’s lives, while providing all the benefits of traditional skin and hair care with high-quality products that is sourced and carefully curated from our most natural resource – the earth.

At Lulu’s Holistics, it is not only important to take care of what’s on the outside but ensure that what’s on the inside is being addressed as well. Using innovative techniques with the finest and cleanest ingredients, the company delivers face, body, and hair products that won’t only enhance what you look like but will also make you feel good from within.

The products are carefully sourced, curated, manufactured and produced bearing in mind the various and diverse backgrounds of all its customers. “Lulu’s Holistics is a mother-daughter minority-owned cosmetic line, and we aim to be an inclusive brand all-around,” says Deannee Santiago and Janet Frederick, owners and founders of the company. For them, it is important to ensure that they are accessible to everyone possible, making it a priority by providing worldwide shipping for their guests.

Studies show that the skin can absorb chemicals without being noticed. Lulu’s Holistics team has made it their mission to continuously look out for pure, organic ingredients from trusted sources to be able to consistently make products that are safe for human beings and safe for our environment.

Lulu’s Holistics believes that everyone deserves to have the best version of themselves, and that starts with the products they use and food they consume. It believes that the secret to eternal youth lies in using natural and organic products which are made only with the best ingredients. Some of these ingredients they use consistently come directly from earth and nature, such as Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Argan oil, Beeswax and Fragrance oil.

Their Jojoba oil is 100 percent pure golden and contains all the benefits of clear jojoba oil with the biggest differences being that it’s unrefined, more golden in color and cold press. The Shea Butter is certified organic and extracted manually from Burkina Faso, Africa which enables it to retain its vitamins, minerals, and other natural moisturizing properties. The Beeswax is 100 percent natural yellow beeswax and has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antiviral properties – all providing a film of protection. Lastly, Fragrance oil is Phthalate-free and free from other harmful chemicals, and have been carefully tested for integration with all Lulu’s skin and hair care products.

All in all, Lulu’s Holistics relentlessly believe in using all-natural and organic ingredients for their products to ensure that they only feed the best for the body and do what’s right for the earth. This process ensures that the brand delivers countless of benefits to everyone involved – the customers, the farmers, the environment, and ultimately the Earth.

Learn more about the brand and start your holistic journey at https://lulusholistics.com/.

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