Jump rope pro, and 3-time world champion, Ridge Robson takes on social media – now announcing the launch of Ridge Ropes, robust ropes for jump-ropers

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Jump rope pro, and 3-time world champion, Ridge Robson takes on social media – now announcing the launch of Ridge Ropes, robust ropes for jump-ropers

Ridge Robson, starting at an early age, becomes a 3-time world champion in rope skipping with unmatchable skills. The 21-year-old jump-roper has been practicing since the age of 8, and, besides America, he has participated in the championships held in countries like China, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Bermuda.

Mason, Ohio, United States – Ridge Robson, proves that he is one of the best rope skippers by winning the world championship 3 times in multiple countries. Jump rope has been his passion since the age of 8, that’s when he started practicing, and at that time he was studying in second grade. Ridge Robson has always been into fitness and health, making sure he is in the perfect shape to achieve his dreams, which is to continue to jump-rope and eventually seeing it turned into an Olympic sport.

Ridge Robson lives in Mason and studies marketing at the University of Cincinnati, while practicing jump-roping daily and incorporating it into his workout routine. He started jump-roping in the second grade when he used to jump-rope after school. He then joined the after-school classes supervised by the gym teacher and started to excel. Since the beginning, Ridge was naturally good at jump-roping, defeating his challengers every time, and to maintain and solidify that skill, he has been practicing daily without rest.

Jump-roping at this level means having a perfect rope for oneself, Ridge wasn’t always satisfied with the ropes that he had. To solve this problem, he has decided to make his own rope products, in the form of ‘Ridge Ropes’, a company that will produce high-quality jump ropes for professional athletes and even beginners, who want to pursue this sport. Ridge Ropes is being designed by Ridge Robson himself, a professional jump-roper, which means a lot of thought will be put into the performance of the rope.

One of the unique qualities of Ridge Robson that sets him apart from other jump-ropers is the fact that he has found a way to incorporate gymnastics into jump-roping, which gives him an edge in the freestyle category competitions. He has always been a fan of fitness doing all kinds of athletics and jumping practices, so it was natural of him to combine that with jump-roping. Doing such exercises makes his mind creative and thus he constantly keeps coming up with new tricks and routines. He has been sharing his skills on social media with his fans and followers who support him and his passion for the sport of jump-roping. He has gained a lot of fan-following on Instagram and Tiktok over the years, and he seeks to inspire even more people who want to pursue jump-roping. He urges young people to continue the hard work non-stop and keep following the passion that they have, one day, the hard work will definitely pay off and they will succeed.

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