Jillee Parker X Draydel Tells What Makes Fake News, Fake

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Jillee Parker X Draydel Tells What Makes Fake News, Fake

The information might be right, but in the wrong context. Follow along as we dive deep into 2020’s most trending phrase with Draydel and Jillee Parker – “Fake News”.

fake news newspaper by draydel and jillee parker from the miami herald

Miami, FL – May 6, 2020 – Let’s face it, President Trump made “fake news” the trendiest word of 2020 so far. We love the way this statement can pull an agenda out of hiding. It perfectly sums up the spread of misinformation by shutting down know-it-alls and social propaganda, but what does it say about the whistle blower? We will get there, but first, let’s observe how “fake news” quiets the grammatically incorrect rants shared by your neighbor’s 33rd repost of the real horrors that came straight out of a fake action film. The content uses “credible” sources and quotes of names that sound important, aka “fake news”. But it’s not all your fault because humans are social animals and gossip is an evolutionary tool for survival. Just like the pack mentality or the majority rule. Gossip helps us understand social behavior and when to buy a surplus of toilet paper. So it makes sense that fake news reverts us back to our innate, primal instincts. “Best Selling” makes us buy more while famous people use bots and fake views so they can get millions of real views because people only like what other people like. Humans are social entities who do what others do, like what others like and act how others act. One could argue that it’s necessary because the consensus of the many is likely better than that of the few, or as I would call them, the outliers. Assimilation equals survival, so maybe all of this 2020 craziness isn’t so crazy after all, just a handful of profiteers with a social psych background. This is why it is up to us to understand ourselves and think before we spread untruths.  Fake news shouted by just one can snap everyone else out of their primitive survivalist ways. 

It’s believed that Miami-based artists, Jillee Parker and Draydel, did just that when they released “FAKE NEWS” earlier this week. This catchy hip-hop anthem effectively hides thought provoking lyrics and a deeper message.  At first listen we can focus on the need for respect and an undertone of promiscuity, but the truth reveals itself if you listen closely. In a way, they used ‘FAKE NEWS’ to reveal the truth behind human nature. This song was designed to perpetuate the rumor that it, itself, was written about, which sets it apart from other songs in its realm.  Jillee verbatim stated it was all a lie, but her characteristic voice and clever melodies drew attention to other areas. Listeners are then hit with a lyrically ambiguous feature by Draydel. The pair tricked people, by expressing the importance of observation, skepticism, and evidence. 

Did they choose this title to get a reaction in the current political climate? Current USA President Trump has made the “fake news” saying a relatively popular term and it is possible that Jillee and Draydel were hoping to utilize this advantage to grab more attention. The fact that their first 2 songs are so far right and left, getting a reaction seems to be their main tactic with this new album. Perhaps these two dissimilar singles help the pair avoid being boxed in for future work. We have seen artist after artist locked into the brand of their first album, most recently Billie Eilish. She received backlash for a bikini picture deemed too off brand, despite her constant assertion toward free expression. Ariana Grande, her iconic look, her music, all amazing, but the most cohesive brand on earth. Beyonce made waves with her transition from more R&B to more Hip Hop music. Perhaps this up and coming pair are coming out of the gate promoting the variety in their artistry. From a marketing standpoint there is a reason why artists stick to a brand, so releasing two contradictory singles this close together could be a colossal mistake, or the most brilliant decision they’ve made, but so far… we are hear for it.

Draydel recently released his EDM EP, LoveTrustCry (LTC) under Light Vital Records. The record “Cry” was written and performed by Jillee, and confirms Draydel’s preference of EDM music. The music producer did less promotion for the EP, likely to avoid confusion, but it exploited his music outside of the duo and is an interesting listen to gain understanding of what they each bring to the table in their union. Turns out Draydel is mostly EDM without Jillee, and she is more hip-hop without Draydel. Together these three genres blend exceptionally well, creating refreshing songs that pack a punch. They both are unconventional artists, and it doesn’t make sense how they can create mainstream, cutting edge, music when they both linger on the weirder side of their profession. Listen to “FAKE NEWS” by Jillee Parker X Draydel. Does it serve as a depiction of society today or does it act as a warning to what we can’t allow ourselves to become? So go, dance your heart out to this amazing record, and figure out their intent by yourself. Jillee Parker and Draydel are known to push the boundaries and while clever lyrics, epic musicality and contradictory elements, are never in short supply with this duo, ‘FAKE NEWS’ has seemingly come out of left field, and we are shook.

Madness 2 Magic is the unpredictable and confounding album designed by artist Jillee Parker and DJ/music producer Draydel. M2M is the exemplar of chaos that begets creation, swaying from dark and powerful tracks to hopeful and ethereal tracks – Madness to Magic. The pair shows a disregard to conventional genre boundaries, continuing to exploit the duality of nature however they deem fit. This underlying theme is consistent throughout their other ventures: the M2M single, M2M art fusion show, and M2M clothing line.

Listen to Jillee Parker X Draydel – ‘FAKE NEWS’ here: tourlink.to/FakeNews

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