Five Main Features Of Cosmetic Packaging Design

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Five Main Features Of Cosmetic Packaging Design

Five Main Features Of Cosmetic Packaging Design

In order to distinguish the grade of cosmetics, people often use different packaging materials and methods to reflect.With the aggravation of the cosmetics market competition and the development trend of the packaging design industry, people have different requirements on the design of packaging materials, packaging containers and cosmetics packaging.We summarize six main features of cosmetic packaging design.

1. The diversity of cosmetic packaging

Due to the fierce competition in the cosmetics market, manufacturers of all kinds are also increasing their investment in cosmetics packaging. For middle and low grade cosmetics, in order to meet different needs, the volume of packaging containers is diversified to facilitate consumers to choose.For high-end products, a small amount of packaging is used to meet the needs of low-income groups, especially young girls.The psychology of consumers aroused by curiosity.Therefore, different packaging containers are used to meet different consumption levels.

2. Serialized packaging design of Cosmetic packing

serialized packaging design refers to the packaging design of similar products in different colors, water patterns or shapes based on the uniform trademark pattern and text font.The needs are the same, different needs are both diverse and holistic.In the practical application of cosmetic packaging.

3. Pet Plastic Bottle is expanding

The use of plastic materials and composites in plastic packaging is expanding, and the design of packaging containers, especially bottles, is becoming more diversified.

4. Convenience for consumers

Some cosmetics, such as mousse, perfume and other products use spray packaging and other packaging forms to facilitate consumer use.Cosmetic packaging has paid more and more attention to the structural design of containers and accessory design, making it easy for consumers to grasp, use and quantify in a variety of environments.

5. Cosmetics packaging should be more and more targeted to the needs of personalized development.

Cosmetics packaging must correctly convey the characteristics of cosmetics required by different individual consumer needs, and express the aesthetic interests of different groups, in order to achieve the success of cosmetics sales.

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