Ridge Robson, an American Jump Roping Sensation and Three Time World Champion.

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Ridge Robson, an American Jump Roping Sensation and Three Time World Champion.

Ridge Robson, an American Jump Roping Sensation and Three Time World Champion.

Ridge Robson is a decorated American professional Jump Roper who has already won 3 world championships so far in his jump roping career.

Born in Mason, Ohio, but currently studying marketing at the University of Cincinnati, the 21-year-old  jump roping sensation, it would seem, was born and bred for this sport. At age 8, Ridge had already started taking his baby steps in jump roping. He would jump rope at the school playground until he realized that there was an after-school team that his gym teacher coached. From that day, Ridge realized he had found his jump roping habitat.

Ridge quickly overcame teething problems in jump roping as he excelled quickly, complementing his routines with  gymnastics. However, there was a little bottleneck on his otherwise impressive growth. He found it hard to master the speed category of jump roping, one of the two major categories of the sport— the other, being free-style, a category he excelled in. Ridge knew free-styling was his forte, and he diligently focused on it.

Ridge revealed that he was fascinated by jump roping because of the creativity it brought out in him. As stated by the whiz kid: “I like jump rope because it allowed me to be very creative. Growing up, I also practiced gymnastics and tumbling a lot, and I loved how you could combine all disciplines with jump roping to create unique performances. I also liked the community that was built around jump rope. During competitions, all the competitors are very kind to each other, and we all have a great bond. Jump rope is not a well-known sport, but it is definitely one with a lot of comradery.” 

Ridge has had the privilege to travel the world with his jump roping team and alone either as a performer, competitor or a teacher of the sport. His favorite places have been China, Bermuda, and Portugal. He’s also been on Italy’s, Germany’s, and America’s Got Talent shows. Ridge has done a wide range of half-time shows, such as for the NFL Bengals, Globetrotters basketball team, and the Arnold Classic.

Ridge loves it when his hours of practice pay off when performing. According to him: “Aside from winning three world championships, my proudest moments in my jump roping career have been when all my practice pays off on the competition floor, and I nail my routine perfectly. Unlike most other sports, jump rope is practiced year-round, and it feels really good to get a routine done without any mistakes in front of a panel of judges and an entire audience of fellow jump-ropers”.

When Ridge is not skipping and honing his skills, he loves to pass time with adventurous games. He’s energetic and enjoys pastimes where he’ll exert his burning energy. Some of his favorites include snowboarding, golfing, tennis, working out, and anything in the outdoors. He also enjoys socializing and spending time with his friends and family.

Though still quite young, Ridge Robson has undoubtedly earned the right to advise his peers and younger ones. As stated by him: “My advice for young people is to always continue learning and trying new things. This is the best way to find your passion and really figure out your goals in life. My other advice is that if you have a dream or want something in life, you have to do the work to get there. Make a clear vision for yourself and stay true to your path, even when obstacles might arise. Some of these obstacles might even be people that are close to you and don’t believe you might get where you are going. You need to surround yourself with people that have faith in you. Stay true to yourself and trust yourself, even when others might doubt you”.

It’s a piece of advice that Ridge Robson epitomizes. The young American has certainly done the work, jumped obstacles, won Championships, and seems to be on the way to the peak of world jump roping. The sky is undoubtedly the starting place for this young prodigy. 

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