Rock Space Mesh Wi-Fi System: Ridiculously Good

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Rock Space Mesh Wi-Fi System: Ridiculously Good

We all by now know that the Mesh Router System helps you to easily set up a full home Wi-Fi coverage. In-fact it’s main value proposition is that it will give you a better stabilized wifi range and most often eliminate the dead spots. A mesh Wi-Fi system blankets your home with reliable Wi-Fi signals, which is why it’s the definite choice for enormous homes and offices.

The fact that it’s at the higher end of the price spectrum might keep most of us from getting one. Luckily, the Rock Space Mesh Wi-Fi System comes at an affordable price, making it available for everyone to purchase. The price isn’t the only attractive feature of the Rock Space mesh Wi-Fi system. It has great coverage and speed as well. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Okay before that! What the Freak is a Mesh Modem?

Before we get any further on this review, let’s talk about the two most crucial reasons to get a mesh modem. The foremost reason most people opt for a mesh modem is for coverage. Most of the time our traditional routers cannot provide a powerful signal, which reduces the speed in certain areas of our home. This might pose a bigger problem if you live in an enormous house where you don’t seem to get a signal on an entire floor. That’s where mesh routers step in. They can provide coverage for an extensive area with no drop in signals and you won’t have to worry about dead zones anymore. Mesh modems get rid of problems like losing signal strength, speed, and connection reliability if there is a mesh modem close to where you browse the internet.

Second, there are certain places in our home where the speed of the internet reduces drastically, which can be frustrating. It’s inconvenient to have to move to another area to get a powerful signal, especially if you’ve got accustomed to one place. Luckily, mesh routers solve this problem. They can provide you with impressive speed in several areas of your home and even in areas where the speed of the internet is very low. You could also connect and use various devices without decreasing the speed too much. The reason behind this is that multiple networks can handle several devices better than a single router. Apart from the major reasons, they’re also aesthetically pleasing. Unlike traditional routers, mesh routers have a unique style to them which not only makes them look attractive, but it also blends in with your home decor.

Is the design of the Rock Space Mesh Wi-Fi System impressive?

If you are someone who puts a lot of effort into keeping your house looking gorgeous, then you’d surely hate the design of the traditional Wi-Fi router which seems to stick out. Some of us even stash it away so it doesn’t take away the beauty of the room. Unfortunately, when we do that, we lose signal strength. The Rock Space Wi-Fi mesh system solves this problem for us. It blends well with your home decor. Similar to a speaker system, it’s in the form of a box. The black body of the system gives it a minimalist look. There’s a logo present at the front of the mesh system. Overall, the Rock Space Mesh Wi-Fi System might not be the greatest-looking mesh router out there, but it looks aesthetically pleasing and blends in with your home decor.

Is the setup easy to configure and what features does it offer?

Usually setting up a device can be a hassle making us feel exhausted. Convenience usually makes a product worth buying for a user. With a busy lifestyle, time is a crucial factor. The Rock space mesh system is fairly easy to configure. You just have to connect the power and Ethernet cable to one of the mesh units, which is basic. Once you power it on, the LED light on the Rock Space mesh system turns green. This is the initial setup process, after which we rely on the RS Wi-Fi app completely. You’ll find the SSID and password on the mesh unit. Once you follow the instructions closely, the device gets connected. You can also change your SSID and password. To connect the remaining two mesh units, you just have to plug it in and turn it on.

The RS Wi-Fi app works similar to a remote control that controls a car. With the app, you can use several features. You can set up a guest network for your friends with a time limit. With the time limit feature, it’s also easy for you to limit your kids’ Wi-Fi time ensuring that they don’t use a gadget for a prolonged period. In case you face a problem with the connectivity, you can easily reset it. There are two Ethernet ports available for LAN/WAN if there’s a need for a hard-wired connection.

Let’s talk Coverage!

Wi-Fi coverage is the essential reason for getting a mesh router. A single Rock Space Wi-Fi mesh unit can cover up to 2000 sq. feet. The Rock Space Wi-Fi mesh system has three mesh units that can cover up to 5380 sq. feet. It’s ideal for an enormous house and office. If you’ve got a bigger place, you can purchase two sets which would come with six mesh units providing coverage of up to 9000 sq. feet. While testing it out, I found that the Wi-Fi signal was strong in several parts of the house and there weren’t any dead-zones.

The Rock Space Mesh Router can provide coverage of up to 5380 sq. feet at impressive speed!

The Rock Space mesh router comes with two invisible antennas that have dual-band signals of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. With the usage of one SSID throughout the house, it’s convenient to use your Wi-Fi without having to switch to different networks in distinct parts of the house. You can get a speed of up to 1200 Mbps. I found that the speed has improved in various parts of the house.

How secure and stable is the network?

The Rock Space mesh has a built-in firewall that protects your network from any cyber-crime including information theft, network flooding, internet attack, etc. They encrypt it with WPA2-PSK. The devices remain connected and the connection persists to be stable even when you roam around the house. With MU-MIMO, you get a highly efficient transmission signal even when many devices are being connected to Wi-Fi. It supports beamforming, which results in faster information transfer. Thus, Rock Space mesh router provides you with a secure network that has a stable connection.

Well! Is it Worth your money?

The price sets the Rock Space Mesh Wi-Fi System apart from most of its competitors. At an affordable price, a Rock Space mesh router is a great option for most consumers. Speaking of coverage, it has an astonishing coverage area of around 5380 sq. feet. Not only do the mesh units cover an enormous area, but they also provide you with high-speed Wi-Fi up to 1200 Mbps.

The cherry on top would be the fact that it’s so simple to set up. With the RS Wi-Fi, it’s convenient to access all the features and control the mesh router. It has a simple design that can easily merge in with your home decor. You also get a secure network and the network has a stable signal with seamless roaming. It uses a single SSID for the entire house. Connecting several devices at the same time is also not an issue at all. So all these factors make the Rock Space mesh Wi-Fi system worth buying. It’s convenient to use, and it solves most of your problems without burning a hole in your pocket. A three-pack of Rock Space mesh Wi-Fi routers can get you more out of your internet connection.

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