FIU Student Creates Innovative Software to Help Businesses Manage Occupancy Levels in Store Locations.

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FIU Student Creates Innovative Software to Help Businesses Manage Occupancy Levels in Store Locations.

FIU Student Creates Innovative Software to Help Businesses Manage Occupancy Levels in Store Locations.

The team at Pointgenie LLC. is pleased to announce the release of a user-friendly people counting software, “Pointgenie”. The user-friendly software is designed for all businesses looking to leverage metrics to optimize conversion ratio and footfall patterns for improved business outcomes.

Pointgenie is a cutting-edge platform designed to assist businesses in managing place occupancy. For an in-depth discussion on how PointGenie can leverage on to improve business efficiency, contact or sign up at Mandated by law, all establishments are required to keep guest occupancy at a specified level to ensure the safety of everyone within that space, in the event of an emergency. Due to the COVID-19, there is an increased need to adhere to these protocols. PointGenie is also crucial as businesses seek new and effective ways to ensure social distancing while managing store capacity for guests’ /customer’s and employee’s safety. 

Following the CDC guidelines, businesses are also implementing other protective measures to help curb the disease. On this backdrop, some states now require stores to limit occupancy capacity to 20% – 40%, and while these measures are there to protect people, our solution can assist any business in tracking the number of customers visiting its space. With a simple sign up process and PointGenie’s user-friendly interface, this easy-to-use visitor counter requires no hardware installations to implement, nor software skills to utilize the solution. By opting for “Pointgenie”, business owners can avail their businesses the opportunity to be up and running, and be in compliance within a few minutes. Sign-ups are received via the company’s website.

Pointgenie offers tons of benefits to businesses including; access to vital information, an interactive dashboard, and metrics to help analyze and convert data into meaningful decisions. The company, Pointgenie is currently one of the top-rated startups in Florida, providing great B2B services and investors with opportunities for growth. With an aggressive investment approach, the team has thrown its doors open for new investors to sign up and contribute to the growth of the company.

Pointgenie is in the location-based market. Although their core focus is to provide service to all segments of their clientele, they have rolled out plans to release apps for iOS and Android devices users seeking to leverage the power of tech to search, track the status of occupancy capacity in a place, know the demographics within that space, and do much more. Along with these features, Pointgenie is designed to heighten every user’s experience, connecting them to their surroundings in a unique way, and creating meaningful moments in a cost-effective and timely fashion, as intended by the co-founder and senior IT student of Florida International University.

Business owners looking to leverage foot traffic, manage occupancy capacity and remain compliant at the same time are enjoined to sign up with Pointgenie. The tool has been specifically designed to provide business owners with much-needed business intelligence.

The group offers a ton of flexible offers and provides users with the opportunity to cancel at any given time. For further inquiries on features and customized plans, visit or use the media contact outlets below.


Pointgenie LLC is a SaaS technology software company founded in 2016, in Bloomfield, NJ with its headquarters in Florida. The Management Team currently comprises of skilled developers and business savvy professionals.

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