Six Steps to Install RV Covers and the Modern Trends of RV covers

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Six Steps to Install RV Covers and the Modern Trends of RV covers

Six Steps to Install RV Covers and the Modern Trends of RV covers

Covering your RV with the right cover is an important factor. It is because when you have to park it for a long time or under sunlight for the whole day, its outer body gets damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to use the special RV covers to protect your vehicle against environmental factors.

When you are off to buy the cover for your RV, it is important to choose the right material. It is because the durable cover will be long-lasting and has features to bear the environmental hazards. So first select the right cover, and after that, install it in the right way to give ultimate protection to your vehicle.

Steps To Install The RV Cover

There are a few steps that you should follow and provide your Vehicle safety. Follow these steps properly for accurate installation of cover and give your vehicle the nice protection

Step 1: The Setting Of Cover

First, place the cover’s front on the ground and place the backside of the cover at the rear of your vehicle’s next side of the ladder. It will help you to place the cover smoothly.

Step 2: Adjustment of Antennas

The next step is to lower down the antennas and add the paddings on all sharp edges to prevent tearing of the cover. Moreover, add paddings to all the protruding elements like mirrors, A/C units, bumpers. Moreover, have a look at your vehicle and apply padding soon to the pointed objects that can create a risk of damaging the cover.

Step 3: Covering the Top of RV

It is an important step that needs care because you have to cover the top body of the RV, climb up the ladder, and pull the cover towards you. Bring maximum cover on the top side and now strat stretching towards the front of the RV

Step 4: Covering The Backside Of The Vehicle

Once you cover the front side now moves the cover toward the backside. Stretch it toward the backside by allowing the cover to drape over the vehicle’s right and left side.

Step 5: Covering The Corners

Once you have placed the rough cover on all sides of the RV, now it’s time to cover the corners. Before you place the cover on corners, move down from the ladder taking cover with you. If the ladder has a cap, place in before covering the rear bumper.

Step 6: Stretching On All Sides To Cover Whole Rv Body

Once you are on the ground, now stretch the covers from all sides. Make sure all corners are covered and secure your car from the damages. Take around to ensure that all sides are protected with covers, and no pointed element is protruding out.

These are the steps if you follow, you can then cover your RV in the right way. 

Now, why is there a need to cover the RV properly? What happens if you don’t cover the vehicle. The few reasons due to which you have to wrap up your vehicle are

Ultraviolet Rays

The beautiful sun rays during cool days look awesome, but have ever thought the radiations in these rays are much harmful to your vehicles. It causes damage to the outer layer of the vehicle. After prolonged exposure under sunlight, the effects that you see include the scratching and damage of paint, color fading, roof cracking, and harmful to the entire rig. 

Therefore it is essential to find the cover that offers resistance against the UV radiation. The good wraps are those having two to three layers that offer ultimate protection against the harmful radiations.


The continuous exposure to a humid or moistened environment creates a bad effect on the vehicle. It is good to find a cover that is totally impermeable. It is because sometimes condensation traps the water droplets and does not allow them to evaporate. This water layer makes the surface rusty and creates cracks on the top layer of the RV.

It is important to buy the cover that can bear extreme temperatures and a waterproof feature with breathable nature.


The breezy condition and high wind blow out the car cover. To prevent such a situation, buy the cover that snugly fits and does not move out even with powerful winds. The best cover is that it has vent flaps and an elastic grip that keeps the cover firm and on position even during extreme conditions.

Moreover, the covers with rope options are also a good choice as you can properly tie with the rods under the RV, and it will not let it move away.


If not removed frequently from the car, dust particles also create scratches and may give a rusty appearance. Therefore to prevent the Rv paint from getting damaged, choose the cover that does not embed the dust under the cover. 

If you are conscious about your car’s neatness, choose the right cover for your Rv that prevents it from all environmental factors and ensures the safety of your vehicle.

If you are looking for the ideal cover for your vehicle, find the right material with superior quality at CarCover, and get stress free. It is because the purchase from a reliable source will not disappoint you, and you will get the right thing for protection of your vehicle.


To cover your RV with convenience use the ladder and first cover the top front and back of the vehicle. Then move it towards the sides and then come down to cover the whole RV. Make sure all pointed ends are padded to avoid damaging the car accessory. Moreover, choose the right cover that is durable and can bear different climatic conditions.

If you apply the right method for installing RV Cover, it will hardly take 10 minutes. Otherwise, you may spend several minutes or even an hour doing so and will not be able to properly cover the vehicle. The main purpose is to provide ultimate protection to your vehicle. So follow the proper steps and get the right covering of your vehicle.

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