Creative Biolabs’ Diverse Next-Generation Probiotics for Disease Therapy Research

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Creative Biolabs’ Diverse Next-Generation Probiotics for Disease Therapy Research

Creative Biolabs, a US-based biotechnology company specializing in live therapeutic discovery, is committed to advancing the development of disease therapies with a distinct selection of high-purity next-generation probiotics.

New York, USA – September 22, 2023 – In recent years, research involving the application of probiotics for disease treatment has indicated the promising potential of next-generation probiotics for dealing with various diseases, such as chronic inflammation-related diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity/metabolic syndromes, diabetes mellitus, liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases. Based on this deep understanding of promising probiotics, Creative Biolabs has employed science-based approaches toward probiotic production, contributing to the diverse applications of probiotics in new therapeutic development.

“Around 60 to 70 million people just in the U.S. are dealing with gut problems. These are often caused by issues with the gut’s bugs,” according to a scientist at Creative Biolabs. “Studies are showing that if your gut’s bugs are healthy, they can help treat these gut problems.”

Based on extensive experience in drug development, Creative Biolabs is employing cutting-edge genetic engineering technology to develop new probiotic strains with enhanced therapeutic potential, such as Lactobacillus spp. and Bifidobacterium spp., to support researchers in their GI disorder treatment research.

* One-stop NGP drug discovery service, from strain identification and validation, analysis, and qualification, to finally lab-scale production.

* Stand-alone service: every step of the NGP discovery pipeline is available, such as strain isolation, immune- and cell analytics, whole metagenomic profiling, safety testing, cell bank creation and storage, fermentation, lyophilization, etc.

In addition, next-generation probiotics have gained significant attention from researchers for their utilization in cancer therapy development, such as colorectal cancer (CRC), gastric cancer, liver cancer, and cervical cancer. Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive NGP discovery services, drawing upon its expertise and advanced technologies to develop new probiotic strains with enhanced therapeutic potential, such as Clostridium spp., considered one of the most promising cancer treatment methods.

“We leverage years of experience and in-depth expertise in the microbiota field to offer premium probiotic solutions,” emphasized the scientist. “With our new line of next-generation probiotics, we aim to deliver field-defining advancements in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and cancer therapies.”

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Focusing on next-generation probiotics for years, Creative Biolabs has gradually established and optimized development platforms with advanced technologies, experienced specialists, and professional scientific staff. Up to now, Creative Biolabs has accomplished numerous projects and has had the pleasure of satisfying hundreds of customers.

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