Snitch Is Developing Revolutionary NFT Fashion Accessories

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Snitch Is Developing Revolutionary NFT Fashion Accessories

A Company Has Bridged the Gap Between Metaverse and Classic Retail Fashion

Silicon Valley startup Snitch has developed the world’s first NFT fashion accessories, bringing a new level of interactivity and sustainability to the accessories market for young people. With the NFT market reaching a $15.7 billion valuation with 28.6 million wallets in 2021, Snitch has found a way to help collectors celebrate their online assets in real life. The first-of-its-kind Snitch NFT device features a physical necklace paired with a screen that can tastefully display clients’ NFTs  to friends, family, and community members. Snitch’s mission is to add utility to all existing NFTs and incorporate them into users’ outfits, turning them into sustainable fashion accessories. After all, the necklace essentially hasn’t changed in nearly 5000 years; it’s about time for an upgrade.




Company targets Gen Z collectors who make up 32% of the world’s population nowadays and have a purchasing power of $360 billion per year. Startup aims to create a brand new category of fashion accessories that will meet the demand for innovative and interactive fashion retail products.


It took Snitch nearly a year to develop this device, and the excitement amongst NFT enthusiasts has been building as word of the project has spread far and wide. Due to the extreme detail and intricacy involved in every device, Snitch is releasing their necklaces in a limited quantity on the first round. Only 500 necklaces will be available for pre-order.  The company’s accessories bridge the gap between Metaverse fashion and traditional retail fashion, combining the best of both worlds to drive mass adoption and facilitate the new bull run for the WEB 3.0 market.


Snitch CEO, Arsenii Hurtavtsov, mentioned: “Quality and exclusivity are our top priorities. We want the device itself to become collectible. Therefore, each configuration of the device will only be dropped once. You’ll never find the same Snitch in another drop.”




Interested customers shouldn’t wait to order their Snitch necklace, as each design will change with every monthly drop. Further, Team is preparing to announce some exciting collaborations with well-established brands and NFT collections. Startup has promised that these details will be released soon.

The technical features of Snitch’s accessories include a lightweight and water-resistant design, made with high-quality materials. The product is also versatile, supporting two blockchains and integrating with eight wallets, which differentiates it from competitors and unlocks value for the consumer. All the NFTs will be picked and edited using Snitch’s web  application which will be connected to the customer’s wallet through API. 




By joining the waiting list and keeping an eye on Snitch’s progress, interested consumers can be among the first to get their hands on these groundbreaking products and experience the future of fashion. The date of the first release will be announced soon. 





About Snitch:


Snitch is a Silicon Valley startup on a mission to add utility to every existing NFT and make it a part of the daily outfit. Founded in 2021 by Arsenii Hurtavtsov, Alina Varakuta, Vladislav Holovnia, and Riccardo Maestri, the company spent almost a year developing its world’s first NFT fashion accessories. These accessories, which incorporate proof-of-ownership technology, allow NFT collectors to showcase their “blue-chip” NFTs in real life and connect with other community members at events. Snitch aims to bridge the gap between the Metaverse and traditional retail fashion, combining the best of both worlds to drive mass adoption and facilitate the new bull run for the WEB 3 market. The company is targeting the Gen Z demographic and is preparing for big collaborations with well-known brands and NFT collections, details of which will be disclosed soon.

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