American Luxury Unlimited: The New Name in Luxury for Fragrances and Fashion

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American Luxury Unlimited: The New Name in Luxury for Fragrances and Fashion

Top-quality products and fragrances matched with world-class service

Every success deserves a reward – and what better way to reward oneself than by shopping for items that make one look and feel like luxury? Committed to helping people express their success and luxury to the world, American Luxury Unlimited is bringing a variety of top-quality products and fragrances, matched with world-class service, to the market.

“The American Luxury Unlimited Brand is the embodiment of success and all the spoils you enjoy from it,” shares the team behind the brand. But what they pride themselves the most for is their Gold Standard Fragrance line for men, which represents only the best of best. Whether one is looking for a perfect perfume for a business meeting or a first date, their line of scents will definitely come in first place.

American Luxury Unlimited currently offers the Gold Standard Line in three variants: Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold. The White Gold scent oozes with sophistication and class, something that a classic man would love to get his hands on. On the other hand, Rose Gold is a delicate blend of masculinity mixed with sweetness, while the Gold variant has a unique blend that will stand out in any room.

Interested in all three scents? No problem – American Luxury Unlimited also offers The Gold Standard Line Cologne Set. By getting this entire collection, one will always be the best smelling person, no matter where they are.

When it comes to making fragrances, American Luxury Unlimited doesn’t waste time or money – that’s typically passed on to the consumer – trying to craft the most artistically perfect bottle. The benefit to the end user is that perfect scent to enhance the occasion it’s worn for.

Following the success of their men’s fragrance line, American Luxury Unlimited will soon be launching its new perfume called Ms. Influential. This exciting new line is for great women who influence others to be their best, do their best, or experience the best. It has a perfect blend of grapefruit, bergamot, almond, jasmine, rose, coffee, and others that will surely make followers into believers.

More importantly, all American Luxury scents are sustainably made, vegan and clean, bottled in a simplistic and classy design, and packed with an even stronger oil concentration than most fragrances, resulting in a stronger scent and an even longer lasting smell.

Apart from its fragrances, American Luxury Unlimited also offers a clothing line for both men and women. All clothes – from their premium polos and tees to sweatshirts, jackets, and hoodies – have embroidery and are made with the best materials.

Providing the highest quality products to customers, with their luxury in mind, American Luxury Unlimited always has something for everyone. For more information, visit

About American Luxury Unlimited

American Luxury Unlimited is a brand that strives to help facilitate people’s expression of success and luxury to the world by offering top-quality products and fragrances, matched with world-class service.

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