Herbal Medics Academy Offers Herbal and Off-Grid Medical Experience (HOME) for Course Finishers

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Herbal Medics Academy Offers Herbal and Off-Grid Medical Experience (HOME) for Course Finishers

HOME brings additional medical training in a scenario-based and real-world environment.

Being an herbal medic is an interesting job. One needs to know about plant medicines and their functions and effects on the body. Moreso, to be an herbal medic, one needs to take several courses and training and ideally earn certifications and/or registration with the American Herbalists Guild. These requirements and many more are offered at the Herbal Medics Academy (HMA).

Herbal Medics Academy is a branch of The Human Path school that is focused on botanical medicine and medicine-related subjects to meet the requirements for the medic foundational path. HMA offers numerous courses, training, and workshops to those interested. One of the major courses at the HMA is the Austere Medicine Program, which concentrates on wilderness and herbal medicine training in remote, austere, and under-served environments.

Recently, the HMA launched a culminating workshop for the Austere Medicine Program. The Herbal and Off-grid Medical Experience, HOME for short, is the culminating course that brings additional training on herbal and orthodox medicine. It is a hands-on course taught in the mountains of northern New Mexico to give the students a real-world scenario.

“The 13-day HOME allows our students to experience herbal and orthodox medical training in a scenario-based and even a real-world environment,” explained Sam Coffman. This course aims to give the students a glimpse of the real-life situations they will encounter once they are already certified herbal medics. The course was designed to be the culminating course for the Austere Medicine Program because it provides the perfect picture of what can happen in the real world.

HOME allows students to work with both field clinical herbalism and orthodox medicine techniques in a post-disaster environment. During the training, they function as a medical advance party in a remote environment, allowing them to use the skills they learned from their wilderness training, such as orienteering, primitive camp setup, food and water planning, security, and medical reconnaissance. The course also includes practical training on trauma and acute care in a post-disaster environment where there may be no higher medical care available. After this, the HOME course is wrapped by running a one-day free herbal clinic under the supervision of the Austere Medicine Program instructors.

The Austere Medicine Program is taught by Sam Coffman and Steve Pehrson, MD who both started their medical journey as green berets, or US Special Forces medics over 30 years ago. The program takes more than a year to finish and includes Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification. It also takes both herbal and orthodox medical training far beyond the levels of any other wilderness or botanical medicine programs in the world. For more information on the program, visit https://herbalmedics.academy/.

About Herbal Medics Academy

The Herbal Medics Academy (HMA) is a branch of The Human Path school focused solely on botanical medicine and wilderness medicine-related subjects. HMA offers interactive online, on-site, and experiential programs to learn the many facets of practical herbalism. It has four major programs and over 1,800 hours of online, on-campus, and clinical practice.

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