First-Time Authors, Paul and Glenda De La Torre, Book Release Fresh Off the Press

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First-Time Authors, Paul and Glenda De La Torre, Book Release Fresh Off the Press

The authors believe success truly lies deep inside every individual

Certain societal structures tend to break people down and dampen the fires of success burning within them. Yet some find ways of rekindling that fire and sharing its warmth with those around them. The pages of The Power of Leadership with Paul and Glenda De La Torre (now on Amazon) explain, through the struggles of the authors, how people can light a spark for their vision.

Paul and Glenda De La Torre have been entrepreneurs, authors, and business trainers for the past 10 years. Paul has been instrumental in growing small businesses and developing strategic solutions through seminars to implement Cover California with the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The De La Torres credentials were built through training and mentoring, Jim Rohn’s personal development seminars, Eric Worre’s business strategies, Dave Savala’s steps to creating a successful business, and team-building strategies from Matt Morris and Brian Caruthers. The De La Torres are servant leaders who work to teach individuals how to build time and money freedom.

They encourage readers to pursue the networking marketing industry and find growth: “The brilliance of this industry is that you can work it completely part-time … In the beginning, most will take slivers of time to build their business. Once you make the income to replace your current one, FIRE YOUR JOB!”

Success wasn’t always on the table. Paul explains that his childhood and education made him feel like he wasn’t worthy of success. As he grew older and experienced more, he fought back against the reins holding him back and decided to unleash what hid beneath the surface.

“I began a personal development routine … I absorbed everything I could, from trainings to events! The person that was lurking inside of me was now OUT!” says Paul.

The Power of Leadership with Paul and Glenda De La Torre offers story after story of successes that were built on failures. Each one will inspire readers to take on their challenges head-on.

Alan Faz, an entrepreneur, comments on his positive experience being mentored by Paul and Glenda: “I met Paul and Glenda De La Torre at an opportunity meeting. I went to support a friend, and what I saw made me very interested in knowing more. As I was standing in the lobby speaking Spanish, Paul approached me and asked if someone had invited me to the presentation. I told him I was with a friend who had heard about it. He introduced me to his wife, who was fluent in Spanish. I felt so comfortable with them! Paul answered all my questions and promised to mentor me in the business, and I haven’t looked back! Eleven years later, we continue to work together! We mentor others to be successful, especially those in the Hispanic/Latino community! Paul’s focus is on helping others. He gets excited when others succeed.” 

Stacey Slocum, CEO of Urban Me Down, comments on the couple’s combined work ethics: “Paul and Glenda are an absolute pleasure to work with! Their work ethic and determination to encourage others to succeed are a match to none. They operate with integrity and a true passion for their craft. They don’t just cater to their own but also help out small business owners like me to succeed! I am honored to do business with them!”

The Power of Leadership with Paul and Glenda De La Torre is now for sale on Amazon.

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