Modern Window Treatments Get Smarter and More Sustainable With Zebra Blinds

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Modern Window Treatments Get Smarter and More Sustainable With Zebra Blinds

Smarter, easier, faster, better. That’s the direction that home décor is going. Years ago, it was about having the nicest fabric or trendiest designs. Now that’s not enough. These days ahome needs to have all the bells and whistles whilekeeping things stylish. Environmental considerations and technological compatibility are now being made in nearly every purchase. People want to know that the money spent not only gets them something they can enjoy but doesn’t hurt the environment. Zebra Blinds though only around for the last ten years, have significantly altered what people expect from window treatments.

Zebra Blinds stands out not only for its commitment to sustainability but as one of the innovators isn’t the industry. These aren’t Grandma’s plastic windowblinds. Dual layers of fabric allow them to create two different fashionable looks in a home. They come in a vast range of color choices. The name, however, comes from the zebra stripe effect when they are done in black and white.

“People love them. The term window blinds tend to make people think about those cheap plastic blinds everyone had in that first apartment that bend and break, look awful, and aren’t good at keeping out light. These are so different. They walk a line between what everyone loves about fabric shades and the adjustability of high-end window blinds.” Said a spokesperson.

Heating and cooling a home is a high priority. While across the country and the world, record-breaking heat waves are happening more and more often. Consumers are becoming more conscious about choices when treating home windows. Zebra blinds offer a way to block most of the light during the hottest times and have a sheer lighter side, allowing for large amounts of light to come in during colder months.

These dual blinds offer the advantage of two looks for a room, and they’re pioneering in that they come in a motorized version for the home at an affordable rate. That’s where these blinds get smarter than others on the market. There really is an app for that. Zebra blinds can synch up with significant home automation applications like Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit. Home automation is becoming an actuality across the globe. Now homeowners can set blinds to open in the morning while those smart bulbs dim or shut off completely. Less electricity means a smaller carbon footprint.

“It’s really a step closer to a futuristic world we’re living in. If someone forgets to close the blinds in the livingroom when they go to bed, they just have totap a smartphone a few times or talk to a digital assistant. It’s also fantastic for going on vacation. Someone can set up a routine where the blinds open and close just like they would if they were home. “said a spokesperson.

Unlike some smart devices or home accessories,style is not sacrificed. With a multitude of fabrics and colorsavailable, zebra blinds have a sleek modern appearance that can match nearly any home.

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