Celadon Coin to curb the issues faced by crypto traders with the launch of the multi-network token, CELA

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Celadon Coin to curb the issues faced by crypto traders with the launch of the multi-network token, CELA

The new firm, Celadon coin offers features like Bridging Solutions, Staking, Anti-whale Mechanism, Swapping, and Referral program, thereby managing to grasp special attention from crypto traders.

Crypto, a world in itself, recently crossed a market cap of $2 Trillion making news headlines across the world. Since the arrival of the first cryptocurrency back in 2009, the crypto world has seen tremendous advancement. With the launch of new tokens that offer better and distinctive utilities, the market has reached new heights. For this rapid and unhindered growth to continue, it is of utmost importance that new, better-equipped tokens make back-to-back appearances in the market. One such newly devised cryptocurrency is the Celadon Coin.

An Intro to Celadon Coin:

A worrying aspect for crypto traders, dealing on different Blockchain is their stock being disconnected and isolated. To curb this constant bothering Celadon coin adopts the latest Blockchain technology i.e. cross-chain bridging solutions. Through the use of CELA, the official token of Celadon, one can simply transfer their assets from one Blockchain to another without any kind of hassle or without having to pay a high gas fee. Celadon coin offers services that are parallel or even better than other Altcoins, with the users being capable of obtaining huge returns from their investments. 

Unparalleled Services Offered:

Celadon coin offers its users the unique service of converting the token from one Blockchain to other Blockchain standards. For example, individuals who bought the CELA token in BEP-20 can simply pay the gas fee and convert the token into ERC-20. The company also offers staking utility provided to the CELA token. Users can make the most out of their investment by locking their tokens in the smart contract-driven staking and gaining heavy profits that they have always yearned for. Investors with colossal sums of money and investment aka Whales tend to heavily fluctuated token prices by buying in bulk. This bulk buying causes the token price to sky-rocket. The average buyer who buys at this point tends to suffer heavy losses as a result. To constrain this, Celadon adopts the ANTI-WHALE MECHANISM (AWM), through which buyers can’t exceed a specific quantity while buying. Every user wishing to invest will be given an equal opportunity to earn with AWM. 

The most fundamental feature that every token must possess is Swapping. CELA offers this service of converting a token from one Blockchain standard to another, increasing its operability. Celadon offers its users numerous incentives. The brilliant REFERRAL PROGRAM offers users a chance to win reward CELA tokens. By simply sharing the Referral links that can be used by anyone, clients can win reward tokens directly to their wallets once the link undergoes redemption.

Project Overview:

To serve as a bridge between the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon Networks, Celadon has brought its native token CELA into existence. For the progression of companies, it is essential for them to spread their ideas and aims amongst the general public. Celadon will attempt this in two phases. Phase 1 will see the successful start-up of the Celadon NFT marketplace, which will possess the entire features of Blockchain NFT, including music, videos, digital games, and in-game attributes such as skins, battle items, moves, celebrations, and fantasy game cards. Once phase 1 attains success, phase 2 will be brought into effect. Phase 2 consists of the initiation of the CELADON Decentralized exchange platform, performing Trading, Swapping, Streaking, and Farming. What sets Celadon decentralized exchange apart from others is the top-notch security and servers that operate at the speed of knots. 

An Accomplished Team with a Brilliant Roadmap:

Celadon is operated by a competitive team of individuals. Founded by Adam Widelka, the company has hired Margaret Ashmore, who heads Celadon operations. With over 5 years of experience, Margaret excels in converting new start-ups into prospering businesses.  Ina Herrera works in Marketing. She has a broad experience in all kinds of marketing. Patel Sagar is the company’s lead developer, proficient in developing and operating Blockchain technologies. With a total circulating supply of 1 Billion CELA, the company wishes to achieve new landmarks. Celadon coin aims to offer numerous features and offerings for its investors. The team is tirelessly working on providing more utilities for the token to uplift the token value. Clients can download the Celadon wallet app and make the most out of the services being offered. The app can also be used as a remote vault to hold tokens in Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon Networks. 

Celadon is a multi-network token with a pre-built ecosystem. The firm can be easily contacted via email and clients can easily keep themselves updated about new features through its social media pages.

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