Sunken Blimp Develops A Hybrid Approach On Metaverse Spaces

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Sunken Blimp Develops A Hybrid Approach On Metaverse Spaces

Miami-Based Tech Company Combines Physical And Digital Spaces Using Cutting Edge Technology To Create Innovative Design Solutions.

Sunken Blimp is a technology company that dares to introduce a revolutionary approach to metaverse spaces. Using state-of-the-art technologies, the company explores different applications for this relatively new concept.

Co-founder Matheus Stancati describes the company as a “vessel for interdisciplinary design innovations.”

According to the Sunken Blimp team, applications for mixed and augmented reality are already in existence. “We now have systems that intend to merge the digital into the physical and vice versa, like virtual reality programs that let us interact with real-world systems from miles away. Even if most are still pending wide adoption, these are a reality today.”

While the company recognizes the relevance of the Metaverse to today’s society, Sunken Blimp targets to go advance further and expand its uses.

Essentially, the company plays host to a growing community of designers with a shared interest in utilizing virtual reality. Given the name “The Vessel” by the Sunken Blimp founders, the community strives to produce real-world solutions through a clever fusion of physical and digital spaces.

Community members execute this goal with the use of various technologies and techniques including 3D printing, Blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, Projected Materials, 3D Modelling, and Hybrid Laboratories.

So far, the Sunken Blimp team has already ventured into numerous industries and applications. These include architecture, design, artificial intelligence, agriculture, robotics, furniture design, virtual reality, augmented reality, projected reality, CGI, 3D printing, 3D scanning, and gin manufacture.

In a process called “Roomship”, members are given a direct interactive experience of The Metaverse in their own rooms. This is achieved by using 3D scanned digital twins of actual walls, windows, and doors.

The Metaverse is accessed using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which provides a verifiable means of accessing the virtual spaces across different locations.

The Sunken Blimp’s Hall Pass is a special access pass allotted by the company to the first one hundred members of the “The Vessel” community. Aside from lifetime access to the company’s Metaverse, it entitles the holder to other exclusive perks.

Another feature of Sunken Blimp is “The Stage”, a virtual platform where the company holds community activities such as conversations, podcasts, presentations, and other events. The primary function of The Stage, however, is to serve as a venue for members to showcase their project proposals for sponsored design contests.

In the near future, the Sunken Blimp founders intend to purchase a physical land which they plan to convert into a hybrid laboratory called “The Sanctuary”. In the said laboratory, contest winners will be given the chance to fabricate their design prototypes be it virtual or physical creations or a mix of both forms.

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