The Muscular Gentleman Presents a New Online Fitness Program for Men

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The Muscular Gentleman Presents a New Online Fitness Program for Men

The Muscular Gentleman is an American company introducing an innovative online fitness program.

Ruston Webb, the founder of The Muscular Gentleman, points out that he started the movement to promote improved mental health for men and to present innovative means for men to build muscle, fortify their health, and become the best versions of themselves, stating:

“The Muscular Gentleman promotes a new era of masculinity. I created this movement to help you “level up” in life. Replace the stubborn “fat suit” with a chiseled physique. Regain college-jock-like energy. Rebuild relationships with your loved ones, and become the best version of yourself – a powerful, active, and confident man your family and community need you to be,” said Ruston.

The Muscular Gentleman further expands into fat loss, men’s fitness, at-home men’s workouts, men’s nutrition, men’s health, weight loss for men, and more, encompassing masculinity, mobility & injury prevention, mindset, and emotional mastery, growth, and development, attraction, life hacks, and resources, and relationships.

Ruston imparts that his Muscular Gentleman movement revolves around building a solid community of like-minded individuals that are committed to improvement and follow-along workouts for men, stating:

“If you’re going to have the most success and become the muscular gentleman you want to be, then you need a brotherhood around you. A tight-knit community to keep you accountable. Men who will inspire you, and men who you can inspire, too,” said Webb.

Ruston’s program includes carefully selected workout plans, complete nutrition modules, mobility & injury prevention coaching sessions, attraction & relationships training, growth development sessions, mindset & emotional mastery coaching, and invaluable support from the League of Muscular Gentlemen community.

According to Webb’s calculations, men who join The Muscular Gentleman program will reap thousands of dollars’ worth in terms of unique benefits and advantages it offers while paying a symbolic monthly subscription at a fraction of the price. The Muscular Gentleman is “a 12-month commitment”, which is an exquisite journey towards self-betterment and improvement.

More information about The Muscular Gentleman, his health tips for men and men’s diet can be found on the brand’s official website.

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