Grand Rapids TMJ Specialist Implements Video Consults

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Grand Rapids TMJ Specialist Implements Video Consults

TMJ or temporomandibular joint pain afflicts an estimated ten million Americans. The specialists at the Grand Rapids location have the knowledge and tools to provide relief.

TMJ & Sleep Disorders of MI and Dr. Jerry Mulder are pleased to announce that the Grand Rapids TMJ specialist has made it possible to obtain a free fifteen-minute video consultation with the top professionals. For millions of Americans, TMJ pain interferes with sleep and work. Wear in the joint which connects the jaw and the skull can cause pain manifesting as facial pain, tooth pain, and headaches with migraine-like intensity. This pain interferes with many of the activities of daily living.

TMJ affects an estimated 10 million people in the United States. Those who suffer from jaw pain, clicking or popping of the jaw, neck, facial, or head pain, headaches, loud snoring, or tiredness even after sleeping may be experiencing the symptoms of TMJ. The pain can be chronic and is debilitating. Often, the disorder is mistreated or undiagnosed due to the difficulty of detecting the disorder.  It is a significant challenge in medical science. The doctors at the Michigan Centre have the right combination of training and skills to identify and treat TMJ properly.

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Some of the symptoms which can be associated with a diagnosis of TMJ include hearing popping or clicking sounds when chewing; limited range of motion in the jaw; jaw swelling, tenderness or pain in the joints; ear pain not due to an infection; headaches; digestive issues; change in posture; ocular pain or pressure; or generalized pain of the back, shoulders, neck or head.

Causes of TMJ are often due to a condition that places stress on the nerves, muscles, and joints in the jaw and facial region. These include malocclusion, jaw misalignment, missing teeth, or misaligned teeth. An injury can also cause TMD to the jaw or face and clenching or grinding of the teeth, also known as bruxism. Helping patients find relief from the pain of TMD is the goal of the professionals at the Michigan Centre.

About the Company:

TMJ & Sleep Disorders of MI professionals have the training and specialized knowledge to offer relief for the pain of TMJ sufferers. Restoration of an active and comfortable lifestyle is possible. A video consultation is offered at no charge. 

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