Ugo Eze’s “In Search of Hope” Podcast is a Hotspot for Spiritual, Soul-lifting Content

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Ugo Eze’s “In Search of Hope” Podcast is a Hotspot for Spiritual, Soul-lifting Content

Ugo Eze’s "In Search of Hope" Podcast is a Hotspot for Spiritual, Soul-lifting Content
The “In Search of Hope” podcast has played host to several prominent figures in the Christian faith as Ugo Eze continues to provide inspirational content for persons in desperate situations

In this podcast, Ugo Eze takes listeners on a journey away from the contextual format of church and Sunday services to provide scriptural and inspirational solutions to a wide range of situations that they find themselves. On every episode of the “In Search of Hope” podcast, Ugo Eze inspires, exhorts, and encourages believers to live the life God has called them to regardless of the seemingly overwhelming nature of the challenges they face.

“We know that Sunday service isn’t for everyone, but this podcast takes the love and hope of God and takes it to the street level,” said Ugo Eze. “Our goal and purpose is for people to walk away feeling more hopeful about their circumstances and to know that they aren’t alone. There is a community out here, rooting for them and wanting the best for them,” he added.

The US-based Nigerian suffered a major setback when he lost his dad. However, his search for hope and succor for his aching heart led to creating the “In Search of Hope” podcast. Ugo Eze uses the podcast as a medium to reach persons like him who are in dire need of hope from the effect of past or current experiences. Over time, the podcast has played host to prominent figures in the Christian faith, including members of the multiple award-winning Maverick City Music and Marty Solomon from the Bema Podcast, local church leaders, professional athletes, real estate moguls, political figures and community leaders. These are real, everyday people who believe in goodness, hope and love for people and their communities.

Ugo Eze’s Instagram page (@mrugoeze) has enjoyed a massive boost in engagement and followership in a related development. “We absolutely feel like we are making a difference in the community,” commented Ugo Eze. “From the responses we are getting from the listeners on the Instagram account to the new guests being booked, something beautiful is happening here, and it is really exciting to be a part of it. And we all know that our world can certainly use more uplifting content and hope,” he added.

“In Search of Hope” by Ugo Eze is undoubtedly a podcast anyone who believes in hope and a higher power should listen to as it features relatable conversations, spirituality, and lifestyle content. So follow through on Ugo Eze’s journey in search of hope and find hope. The podcast is available on all digital platforms and can be streamed via

About Ugo Eze

After the tragic loss of his father to cancer, oncology nurse Ugo Eze set out to understand how people find hope in the darkest of times. Of course, there will be laughs, tears, and even unanswerable questions. But most of all, there will be hope.

Aside from being a nurse, Ugo is a public speaker, musician, worship leader and author of “Let the Games Begin: A Guide to Self-Exploration and Team Building Activities.” He resides in New York City with his wife, CJ.

To learn more about Ugo Eze and the “In Search of Hope” podcast, please visit or follow him on Instagram @mrugoeze.

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