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Yoga has massively grown in popularity over the past few years, with “earthing” becoming one of the most major trends among yoga enthusiasts. Grounding and earthing is a form of yoga where a person is directly connected with the Earth. This means that their skin is in contact with the Earth itself or with an earthing mat or grounding mat. Through this process, it is said that the negative electric charge of the Earth’s surface come into contact with the person, allowing a multitude of health benefits. Users have noted seeing betterment in their sleep, reduction in inflammation and pain, as well as lowered stress levels.

However, to truly be able to do this effectively, one needs professional earthing sheets. is one website that provides such as grounding sheets to all their users at affordable rates. The website is led by a team of yoga experts and enthusiasts who ensured that they provide only the highest quality earthing products. From pillowcases, to flat bed sheets and universal grounding or sleeping mat kits. With a large array of choices and options, one is able to get the ideal grounding option that perfectly meets their needs. is pleased with their massive range of Earthing products and plan on further adding products that will be of use to their customers. The website has managed to garner a lot of popularity from yoga enthusiasts. One of which added: “I have been using this foe a few months now. I notice I do sleep deeper and it definitely works. It is a little uncomfortable to sleep on but well worth it for the plus of the grounding it provides.”


This is a community built on health care products. Their products and supporting staff extend compassion to those in need, helping to improve the health and well-being of people worldwide. When one takes off their shoes and walks barefoot on the earth outside, the earth’s healing electrons flow into them. The same thing happens when they touch Earthing products inside their home. That’s when Realyouearthing was born.

Quality always comes before quantity. Mass production is not their thing. They are devoted to providing customers with thoroughly researched products that meet the highest standard. When customers make their purchase, they become a part of the Realyou tribe. That being said, the online store only wants the best for their family.

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