Rising interest in vehicle customization increases demand for STEK colored paint protection films

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Rising interest in vehicle customization increases demand for STEK colored paint protection films

Modern vehicle owners face an unprecedented amount of customization options—aside from changing colors, drivers can also add new patterns and textures, such as carbon-fiber, matte, and gloss finishes. Traditional paint, however, contains harmful chemicals, and emits toxic fumes during the multi-step application process. In response, industry developers have introduced the paint protection film—a reversible, more environmentally friendly solution for both customization and protection. Offered in a wide variety of colors and styles, these films are typically composed of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), granting them shock-absorbent and damage-resistant properties. This makes paint protection film a popular choice for luxury car owners. Tesla drivers, in particular, find film wrapping to be an elegant solution; along with effectively preserving Tesla’s notoriously soft paint, the addition of paint protection film greatly expands the limited amount of original color options. 

Among the current offerings of the automotive market, STEK colored paint protection films have enjoyed skyrocketing demand. STEK Automotive, a leading producer of car care products, currently distributes an extensive range of films offering both robust protection and unique designs. Its flagship DYNO series comprises over fifteen varieties of paint protection films; popular choices include DYNOred, DYNOwhite, and DYNOgray, which are colored with premium dyes and feature extreme damage resistance. DYNOblack, another top-selling product, is offered in glossy and matte options, as well as in STEK’s exclusive carbon-fiber and damascus pattern finishes.

Composed of durable TPU material, these films boast superb hydrophobicity and self-healing capabilities, allowing them to perfectly preserve the aesthetic quality of any vehicle. Requiring none of the primers, oversprays, and multiple coats typical of the traditional painting process, STEK protection films transform any vehicle with a single, reversible application, making the installation itself a much more environmentally friendly alternative. And with excellent resistance to stains, chemicals, and contamination, DYNO films keep cars in showroom-level condition for years at a time—saving costs as well as maintaining value. 

One of the first to recognize the market potential for consumer-oriented paint protection and window film products, STEK has led the automotive industry with its cutting-edge technologies since 1974. Based in the USA, STEK continues to refine its innovations through high investments in research and development, along with rigorous in-house testing and quality control measures. STEK currently exports its products to 43 countries across six continents, catering to both corporate and consumer needs. 

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