There Is A Difference Between Tankless and Tank Water Heaters

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There Is A Difference Between Tankless and Tank Water Heaters

There Is A Difference Between Tankless and Tank Water Heaters

When a homeowner needs a new water heater, it pays to have an experienced plumber evaluate the home and its hot water needs to determine which model or models will work best. Companies like LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating have several decades worth of experience handling both the water heater and general plumbing issues in the Northwestern counties of Washington state. Their highly trained and trustworthy technicians will give each customer an honest quote without trying to upsell and never leave a job until the project is 100% complete and everything is working properly.

Receive Expert Assistance When the Time Comes for a Water Heater Purchase

Deciding whether to purchase a tankless water heater or a large central tank can be challenging for homeowners. On one hand, tankless heaters mean never having to worry about the hot water running out. But, at the same time, a large water heater tank allows several items to access the water at once. By visiting websites like, homeowners can reach plumbers who will provide a complimentary detailed water heater analysisand installation quote.

There are Water Heaters Built for Homes Both Big and Small

Many homes have limited available space for a large water heater tank. Tankless water heaters are the perfect alternative because they fit conveniently out of sight in kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities. They are also more efficient for a small home since hot water demand is much lower and a large tank will require more energy to maintain constant water temperature.

Tankless Heaters Can Improve the Distribution of Hot Water in a Large Home

Many people don’t realize that a large water heater tank may not be necessary to supply their entire home. Larger properties often have areas that are a fair distance from the tank and take a long time to receive hot water. Letting a skilled plumber evaluate the situation could result in the addition of a tankless water heater in these locations. Although this may not seem cost-effective, it will reduce the amount of water that goes wasted down the drain while waiting for the hot water to reach that faucet, resulting in lower utility bills.

Keep Hot Water Dispensing All Year Round

If not properly maintained, a water heater will develop sediment that can lead to leaking and operational issues. Homeowners can avoid this situation by signing up for the preventative maintenanceservice found at This service includes a periodic cleaning and diagnostic test that help increase efficiency and extend the life span of the unit.

Don’t Get Stuck With a Pile of Junk

When a water heater dies and requires replacement, a bargain-rate plumber will leave the disposal responsibility up to the homeowner. Companies like LaVergne’s don’t stick the customer with this problem since old units are often heavy, located in areas that are difficult for one person to remove them from, and will require hiring someone to haul it off. When these dependable plumbers replace a water heater, they take the old unit with them and clean up any water or debris that came out as the unit was removed.

Emergency Service on a 24-Hour Basis

Very few homeowners realize that something is wrong with their water heater until it is too late. Fortunately, there are plumbers in Washington who provide 24/7 emergency service regardless of the time of day, weather conditions, or day of the week. It only takes one phone call to set these expert plumbers into action, restoring a customer’s hot water as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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