Ergonomic Innovations Offers Premium Seating Solutions for Pain Free Sitting

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Ergonomic Innovations Offers Premium Seating Solutions for Pain Free Sitting

Ergonomic Innovations Offers Premium Seating Solutions for Pain Free Sitting
These solutions are designed and created with you – the consumer’s – health and wellbeing in mind

In today’s world we are constantly distracted from living a life that is maximized for optimum health and wellbeing – either through the environments we work and play, or the physical objects we interact with. Ergonomic Innovations, a global retail company, aims to provide maximum comfort and solutions to everyday life whether at home, work, or travel. The company is on a mission to provide its customers with useful guidance on living more comfortably by interacting with the environment in a way that suits your own individual needs.

Ergonomics has traditionally been associated with the workplace, but it’s about much more than that. Ergonomic solutions can truly help increase productivity, comfort and efficiency by utilizing the right objects (products) in the right environment. However, ergonomics should not be limited to the office. With this in mind, Ergonomic Innovations was developed to create more awareness about the science of ergonomics and how it can improve and help in our everyday life, even outside the workplace.

One of its best rated and highest quality products is the donut pillow – a premium seating solution designed for pressure relief and pain-free sitting. So much so that this product is endorsed by physical therapists all around. “The Ergonomic Innovations Donut Pillow is our favorite pillow for hemorrhoids, tailbone pain (coccydynia), high hamstring injuries and ischial bursitis. It is very well made and highly recommended,” says Bob Schrupp PT, MA and Brad Heineck PT, C.S.C.S.

As well as offering a premium product selection, Ergonomic Innovations also draws attention to the effects of the opposite – bad ergonomics – and how neglecting your relationship with your surroundings can have a detrimental effect on your health. The team always strives to provide a holistic point of view in order to give the best advice on which products could effectively help you where you need it.

Some of the other product offerings include coccyx seat cushions, lumbar support cushions, foot rests, wedge seat cushions and office chair arm rest pads. Each product goes through a careful design and development stage and is created to help improve your posture, comfort, productivity and efficiency. Ergonomic Innovations believe that by not having to exert ourselves unnecessarily and straining the body, we become more efficient at what we do.

If you would like to learn more about the solutions offered for everyday complaints such as bad posture, back pain and discomfort while sitting then you can visit the website at

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Ergonomic Innovations is a global brand of Quality Home Lifestyle that provides work, home, and travel products designed to improve your comfort, productivity and efficiency.

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