Bayer Foundation Unveils Washable And Reusable Mask Covers To Help Combat Covid-19

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Bayer Foundation Unveils Washable And Reusable Mask Covers To Help Combat Covid-19

As the novel Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the globe more countries and States are requiring the public to wear masks.

The CDC, in studying the disease found that even people who have no symptoms can spread the disease even in “speaking, coughing, or sneezing” Therefor even with masks social distancing is important. However, there’s been a severe shortage of masks, especially the clinically approved N95 masks which are supposed to be used once per patient and discarded.

With over 16 million healthcare workers just in the U.S. and citizens wearing surgical masks – reaching the number needed for the world will be difficult. In addition, the CDC in April recommended that children above the age of two wear masks. The Bayer Foundation was able to create and send out children’s masks in four days.

For a solution to this growing challenge. The Bayer Foundation came up with an idea to create a comfortable, washable mask for the general public. The covers are also intentionally designed to have more space in order to go over a medical mask if needed in an emergency.

The company also discarded the elastic that makes masks so uncomfortable to wear while insisting the same material go down the center for more support. The Bayer foundation is already sending masks across the country. The majority of American companies run offshore production in China.

The US Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 95% of surgical masks and 70% of respirators are made overseas. The Bayer foundation has set the goal to create more than 150 million masks and with the ability to print on the mask welcomes any business to help sponsor the masks with their logo as the goal is for all of the masks to be free.

“Currently we are selling the masks in sets of 4 and donating 4 masks, gloves, medical wipes, and hand Sanitizer said founder Lev Bayer. Preference will be given first to those in chronic pain who are often the most susceptible due to diseases that illicit discomfort. The official goal of the foundation is to end chronic pain.”

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